1. Togo Toys for Toddlers

    Who wouldn't think of a hoe as being a good toy for a three year old?

  2. Guyana Black Creek Bathing?

    Trees roots in Guyana, dye the water brown and many Amerindians of Guyana bathe and do laundry in this water. It is a strange experience to be in river water and barely able to see your own hand underneath it.  The first thoughts of volunteers-- Are there Piranhas or water snakes?  

  3. Guatemala Old timers keeping the tradition

    Few towns exist where men still use traje in Guatemala.  These guys show their pride-

  4. Guatemala View of town

    My town at it´s essence, fog & corn fields.

  5. Guatemala Kid Float


  6. Guatemala Just Waiting

    Can´t remember why...but these guys were just hanging out.

  7. Guatemala Waiting for el Presidente

    Local welcome wagon waiting for the President to show up

  8. Guatemala Cooperative

    Guys working hard

  9. Guatemala Kids at laguna

    Festival of asking for the rain at lake chicabal. 

  10. Guatemala Special Señorita

    Nice pic

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.