1. Botswana Botswana Sunset

    Summer sunset in Eastern Botswana.

  2. Paraguay Man and horse

    My horse Bigote, (mustache) bonding with my host uncle who took care of him.

  3. Solomon Islands Kai kai nao, ia!

    My wife, Susan, and I served as Community Development Workers on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal Island. One of our major projects involved assisting local villagers to plan and construct a primary school complex. The community held a large, traditional pig feast to mark the opening of the school.  Susan and I donated a pig for the event, and the local chief insisted that I don a bark loincloth and prepare the pig for baking in a stone oven. An offer I could not refuse!

  4. Paraguay Carnaval

    Somehow I let them convince me to samba down the main avenue in a gold sequined bra top and a skirt.

  5. Paraguay Countryside School

    This was the old school in the area of Independencia. One weekend a few of us helped build a new one.

  6. Honduras How an Eco Justa Stove Works

    I am currently implementing an improved stove and pila project in the community of Quebraditas, Trinidad in the department of Copan, Honduras with funds I have received from a SPA grant. The community was invloved with writing the grant, pricing and buying construction materials, building the stoves and pilas, and attended training on envrionmental education and basic sanitation. The stoves we are building are called Eco Justa Stoves and use less firewood and provide the houses with chimneys....

  7. Madagascar New in town

    Almost at the end of my second year, an eco-tourism minded yacht landed in our remote corner of western Madagascar in a village that had never seen so many vazahas (foreigners) before.  Neither side knew exactly how to act.

  8. Madagascar Tradition Meets Technology

    Villagers in Madagascar watch a video about the System of Rice Intenisfication (SRI) on the PCVs computer.

  9. Yemen The World is a Funny Place

    We were invited to a celebration luncheon at a tiny village in Northern Yemen near the Saudi Arabian border. It was 1976, and some civil engineer Peace Corps volunteers had just completed building a concrete rain water catch basin to improve this village’s clean water supply. There were 30 people lounging on pillows in a circle on the floor of the village sheikh’s sumptuous living room in this expansive mud and stone home. He wanted to show us his gratitude, and a feast of roasted lamb, ...

  10. Micronesia Basketball at the school?

    I was struck by how this was set up. The small plane came to a delapidated building where they would check in people for flights. This was located on school property and at the end of the basketball court- which had a hoop on a coconut tree trunk and patchy grass/sand/coral floor... if you could call it that. The dispensary was also on the property.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.