1. Costa Rica tired!

    This is me at my training community coming home from work completely exhausted. I was cought by my lil host sister who learned how to use my camara.

  2. Costa Rica Trash Cleanup

    Community members doing a garbage cleanup as part of their campaign against Dengue.

  3. Costa Rica Trash pickup

    A group of community members came together to organize a campaign agaisnt Dengue.  This is a community member picking up the tons of garbage that were collected that day to deposit them where the municipality would pick up.

  4. Costa Rica Baile Tipico

    This drawing was chosen as one of the winners for the Drawing Competition I put together at my elementary school. It was created by Dayana, a little girl who is very shy yet talented currently in 4th grade.

  5. Costa Rica On fire!

    This is the oven artisans in Guaitil de Santa Cruz use to burn the finalized pieces prior to selling them. It heats up to 1200 degrees using wood!

  6. Mongolia Taiga Home

    A fellow volunteer and I went to the Taiga to visit the reindeer people or Tsaatan Khuun. This was Jijii, the son of our tour guide, outside his traditional home, with it's not so traditional sattelite dish.

  7. South Africa Communication is Dead

        "The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place." ~George Bernard Shaw   A few weeks ago, Woody went to into our host mom's house to “top up” electricity on our meter box. The conversation that proceeded went a bit like the old vaudeville joke by Abbott and Costello “Who's on First?” Here is the conversation that occurred between Woody and our host mom:   Host mom: Do you have film? “Ni vone kamareni” I saw it in the bedroom. Woody: “U lav...

  8. Peru making ceramics - the ancient way

    The ceramic artisans of Piura, Peru produce fine pieces of ceramic using the ancient techniques of the pre-Incan Vicús culture.  The first step is to knead the clay from the river beds.     In this pictures I'm learning to do just that, using the tradition tools to knead the clay: your feet.

  9. Guatemala This Little Piggy...

    For Christmas my family decided to slaughter their pig. They got the pig as a tiny piglet just as I moved in so I have watched it grow and fatten over the past few months. A pig for Christmas is very special for them... Last night they told me they would be inviting the entire family over early in the morning to begin cooking and preparing to make tamales. While I couldn't help but feel for the doomed porker, I remained as culturally objective as possible on the matter and crawled into bed....

  10. Guatemala Corny

    One day I returned home to find this... Apparently it was time for the corn harvest.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.