1. Burkina Faso Mask festival Dedougou

    My village performed in the bi-annual west african mask festival in Burkina Faso 

  2. Dominican Republic Nueve Dias

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  3. Ecuador Ya Mismo with Mingas

    I felt like I had woken up a half an hour before I had gone to sleep. The sun was still slowly drifting across the Atlantic, and stars from both hemispheres illuminated the Andean sky. I crawled off my paja (straw) mattress, threw on a few layers and began my trek.  I had come up with this elaborate (and somewhat loco) scheme to stock a mountain lake with trucha de arco iris or rainbow trout. It would involve transporting delicate fry from a nursery near Cuenca, Ecuador to a little cloud fore...

  4. Mozambique Xindzalas

    As part of my service I work with women artisans who produce Xindzalas (baskets). We are trying to find a connection in the US to help us market their products! 

  5. Guatemala Charla

    Some of the women in the group before an ice-breaker.

  6. Guatemala Age and Beauty

    A local woman in my training town, San Antonio Aguas Calientes. 

  7. Kenya Can a simple compliment lead to rashes and bleeding from the eyes?

    It is almost February and my school is getting ready for the form one students to report. I am anxious for them to come so I can begin teaching. I am currently only teaching one class and am afraid I am getting relaxed and used to my light schedule. I also think it is not the best practice to have students show up to school more than a month after opening day. I am actually not looking forward to the first few weeks of teaching the form one students. It will take them a few weeks to u...

  8. Philippines 50 Years of Service

    While enjoying the Bobon Sto. Nino festival in Northern Samar, the four of us, volunteers in Batch 268, met a volunteer from Batch 3 who had returned to his former site in the Philippines to enjoy the festivities!

  9. Guatemala Rain on a Tin Roof

                The rain used to be quite calming before the beginning of the rainy season.  It would be something that I enjoyed sleeping in, especially with the tin roofs here in Guatemala.  Yet, now the overly loud slapping of rain against the slim pieces of tin that make up the roof is far less romantic than before.  Storms were always part of what I loved about the world.  Back home storms came far more subtly, gently rolling through in the distance and giving fair warning to all who lived ...

  10. Uganda Chapter 18: Mona and Omar’s Village

    (Excerpted from Peasants Come Last: A Memoir of the Peace Corps at Fifty (2011), by Dr. J. Larry Brown, Country Director of Peace Corps in Uganda 2008/09)Lungujja Kitunzi truly fit the image of a village downtown. The self-contained community sat on the outskirts of Kampala, a bustling city of nearly a million and a half. As our driver navigated us through the Friday afternoon traffic, the journey of only several kilometers took an unexpected forty-five minutes. Suddenly we turned off one of ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.