1. The Gambia My Alarm Clock

    These three vultures would land on my roof every morning.  The sound of the claws on my corrugate roof (think fingernails on chalkboard) would wake me up every day.  I named them Lamin, Malamin and Mohanadou.

  2. Moldova Sleigh Ride

    In my village of Gordineşti, Moldova, it is not an uncommon sight to see cows, herds of goats, or horse drawn carts.  I love in the winter time, though, when the horse sleighs come out!

  3. China Survival

    A Bullfight Festival in Kaili

  4. Guatemala Hogtied Crock

    While eating breakfast one morning my host dad, Fernando, asked me, "Lisa, were you frightened?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "No. Why?" I replied. "I thought maybe you saw the crocodile outside when you went to the bathroom this morning." "Crocodile?" I thought, "Am I translating this right?" So, I peered outside and sure enough there was a hogtied crocodile laying 5 feet from the front door. The crocodile had been terrorizing the...

  5. Guyana I Sexed a Caiman

    Made you look, huh? Before you jump to any lewd conclusions, I'll clear the air and inform you that it simply means I determined the sex of a caiman, or black caiman (melanosuchus niger), one species of alligators found here in the Rupununi, the region that makes up the southern third of Guyana. The largest, actually. Caiman House, HQ for the NGO I’m working with, gets its name from studying the black caiman here. One of the several projects CH is involved in is the Caiman Project, where they...

  6. Belize puppy love

    in a rare moment of stillness, my host sister cuddles her new puppy

  7. Dominican Republic Moab, the greatest Peace Corp dog ever!

    I got him for protection.  My villagers were terrified of him since he was big and black so in their minds that equaled deadly!  But this lab was only ever guilty of licking a person to death, maybe eating my dona's prized chicken too.  He actually worked with me on teaching local children about the importance of not abusing animals.  He came to the school and other education sessions to show that animals have feelings too, and well treated and trained can be man's best friend. 

  8. Ethiopia Peace Corps Pet Vignettes

    I was 22-23 when I was in the Peace Corps and was courted by quite a few Ethiopian gentleman who all knew that I LOVED animals. I received two bunnies from a guy working outside Addis Ababa who lived near a couple who raised bees for honey, which is what we made Tej from, good to drink and yes, you can get tipsy from it. I already had a cat and a dog, and another man saw the bunnies and brought me two big white ducks, thus the need for the duck pond. The Duck Story. Thanksgiving was...

  9. Senegal Prized Possession

    Adama was so proud of his new horse, he insisted on a picture of himself with it.

  10. Senegal Herding in the Dust

    This is a view from my backyard step; over the millet fence a nomadic Pulaar herdsman is drivng his flock of sheep.  They eat leftover stubble in the fields after harvest season, when it is so dry the air is almost opaque with dust.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.