1. Mongolia Herding

    A Mongolian man walking with his herd early in the morning

  2. Ecuador Workhorses in Green

    The workhorses here delightfully swim in a sea of good-for-them leafy greens.

  3. Malawi hippos

    These are hippos seen from the local Hippo Bar; a place where we could have soft drinks and watch Hippos. Never get between hippos and the water.

  4. Zimbabwe giraffe

    These are giraffe seen at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

  5. Malawi kudu

    These are African kudu, the closest thing to American deer. They are the feast of choice for lions.

  6. Malawi wildebeest

    These are wildebeest atop Nyika Plateau in Northern Malawi.

  7. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephant

    This was an elephant I saw crossing the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe while on a canoe trip for 2 weeks.

  8. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephants

    I took a 2 week long canoe trip down the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe. This was an elephant herd I saw crossing the river in front of team of three canoes.

  9. Malawi Monkey see monkey do

    This picture was taken at a place in Malawi called Monkey Bay. At this special site on the Shire River, monkeys would play and steal food from people. They constantly stole bananas from travelers.

  10. Bulgaria Oh No You Didn't...

    In training, my host family got a new kitten who decided she was the new dog.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.