1. Malawi Collaring Eles

    Peace Parks came to Vwaza to collar elephants. It was amazing to sit next to this sleeping giant!

  2. Morocco Esteban Wakes Up

    Esteban was an awesome cat and probably accounted for a few thousand of my photos during my service. Here is he waking up.

  3. Philippines Fish Catch

    As my coworkers and I were eating on the beach, a fisherman walked by and proudly showed off his catch, which included a red snapper, that he caught with his spear.

  4. Paraguay My house

    My Peace corps house. A little fancier than most, with free garbage disposals.

  5. Paraguay Horses grazing

    Horses graze in the countryside surrounding Yataity, Guaira at sunset.

  6. Paraguay Piggies

    Day-old piglets struggle to nurse.

  7. Niger I had a horse in Africa

    When I was growing up, I was a horse fanatic.  I knew everything about horses--except how to actually ride.  Eventually, I grew out of that.  But shortly after college, I found myself as an agriculture/rural development Volunteer in Anam Tondi, Niger, 8 km through the sand to Ouallam, the nearest market town.  Peace Corps gave us transportation options.  I tried a mountain bike, but quickly (after one trip) realized that 8 km in the sand in 110 degree heat was not what "Outside" mag...

  8. Paraguay Grazing

    A horse grazes next to one of many abandoned houses with grass growing inside.

  9. Paraguay Big animal

    Up close and personal with the ox that pulled my host dad's cart.

  10. Paraguay Chicken Killer

    Ever since we'd arrived in Paraguay, Enrique had been dying to kill a chicken. He finally gets his chance. (Included in the bottom of a blog entry here: http://peacecorpsparaguay.blogspot.com/2008/07/milk-and-cheese-and-bananas-and.html)  

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.