1. Guyana Enjoying the sunset

    Sometimes a cat knows the best way to live. 

  2. Vanuatu Save the reefs

    Men in our village collecting crown of thorns which are destroying the reefs of Vanuatu

  3. South Africa I Spy a Waterbuck

    The boundaries of Kruger National Park in South Africa were just 2 km from our house in our village, so we had plenty of opportunities to visit and track down the wildlife there, trying to find at least one of everything that lives in the area.  Here's a particularly intimate photo (taken through the lens of a binocular) of a waterbuck relaxing in the shade during the heat of the day.

  4. South Africa Leapin' Lizards!

    This large lizard with crazy eyes fell off the rafters on our porch ("stoep") and our brother from our host family picked it up to show it to me.  Our home for 2 1/2 years can also be seen in the background.

  5. South Africa Cat Crazy!

    We started with two kittens that we received from the Pakistani store-owners in our village.  The kittens grew up to be cats who attracted the attention of male cats elsewhere in the village and we've been flooded with kittens ever since!  At least these two mother cats always help each other out with their massive litter of kittens!  How many cats/kittens can you count in this picture?

  6. The Gambia Samba and Bull

    Samba Sowe poses with the family bull in the farms outside of Sare Tubai, The Gambia.

  7. Cameroon Les Boeufs

    A herd of cattle blocked the road for a few minutes, while we were returning home from visiting a remote village in the savannah

  8. Morocco Goat in an argan tree

    During my first year of teaching English in the provincial capital of Taza, I met my husband at the marche in Fez.  He was working for a French oil company and during my second year of service, he was transferred to the region of Essaouira. We conducted a long-distance romance which included visits back and forth.  When I visited him in the south, I saw goats like this one climbing in the argan trees to eat the nutty, olive-size fruit.  

  9. South Africa Blue-headed Tree Agama

    A Blue-headed Tree Agama hanging out on a tree in the courtyard of our primary school.  Because they bob their head up and down, there is a myth among the villagers that they call down the lightning from the sky. 

  10. South Africa Bug on Our Windowsill

    This strange bug landed on the latch of our window at home. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.