1. China I've Never

    Teaching at a univeristy as part of my PCR service was both challenging and incredibly fun.  During my early morning classes, one of best ways to kick off class and wake up students was to play a game.  Here, during a face-paced round of "I've Never", I somehow got caught in the middle.

  2. Togo Mom and her poster child for child weighings

    When we first met, I thought this beautiful Fulani mother's young child would die of malnutrition. He was so severely underweight and malnourished that his weight was similar to children a full year younger than he. The health volunteers and I biked to her farm community every month during the dry season to hang a Salter scale from the branch of a tree and weigh all the children. We counseled this mom on enriched porridge, organized a demonstration to prepare the porridge with the farm women,...

  3. Togo PCV Naka dancing Kamou in Affem Kabye, Togo

    Here I am dancing Kamou, the end of the harvest dance, with my health counterparts Henou (male community health volunteer) and Adjoua (female community health volunteer and traditional birth attendant). Kamou means drum. We dance counterclock-wise around the drum, swinging tree branches, and keeping the beat with ring-like metal castenettes. In Affem Kabye each village "quartier" (neighborhood) hosts a Kamou during which all the residents wear an outift using a pagne (African print ...

  4. St. Kitts and Nevis It's better to have something to remember than nothing to regret

    Before leaving for service, I contemplated the friends' weddings I'd miss, babies I’d meet after they were toddlers, holidays I’d spend away from family and milestones I’d miss out on while living in a foreign land. There were the jobs I couldn’t have. The money I couldn’t save. It was all a little overwhelming. Was the Peace Corps worth all that I’d be giving up? Now I know. Yes. But I didn’t realize why until a fellow EC80er was sent back to the states. She wasn’t ready to go. There...

  5. Malawi wikipolo with mother

    This child's name is wikipolo. He is here with his mother; a very young girl just out of her teen years.

  6. Malawi wikipolo

    This childs name was wikipolo. The grandmother is shown here caring for wikipolo. I thought the name was great; though I do not know what it means in Chichewa.

  7. Zambia rainbow over victoria falls

    This is a rainbow over victoria falls. circa 1992

  8. Mongolia Reindeer Family

    We visited a small village of reindeer people. The grandfather and his grandaughter came to visit us on the back of one of the reindeer. 

  9. Mongolia Countryside Kids

    I caught these 2 children playing on a trip to the countryside when we were conducint snow leopard surveys for WWF. 

  10. Mongolia Naadam Horsemen

    Every year Naadam is celebrated in Mongolia with archery, horse racing, and wrestling. These guys were waiting at the finish line to watch the horse race finish. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.