1. Costa Rica en el gimnasio

    kids kick around soccer balls while waiting for their "profe" to begin practice.

  2. Costa Rica a father and son

    a father and son pose for a picture.

  3. Costa Rica they were boys before men II

    students at la escuela volcan reenact the fabled events surrounding their national hero, juan santa maria.

  4. Costa Rica they were boys before men

    a student in la escuela volcan looks back at the camera as his fellow classmates reenact the events surrounding the holiday of their national hero, juan santamaria.

  5. Costa Rica monkey bar mayhem

    kids hang upside from monkey bars in a playground.

  6. El Salvador Skill of Perspective

    All Peace Corps Volunteers come from lives of relative comfort. We had washing machines, refrigerators, and we didn't have to cross the room every night to turn off the light then curse ourselves for leaving something on the floor between the light and the bed, and then scream in pain when we trip on said something in the dark. We all gain a new appreciation lets say for those modern conveniences. I, for example, bow to the washing machine. When I see it, I kiss it, hug it, and say sweet noth...

  7. Costa Rica The Six Month Mark

    Right after my three months of training in Costa Rica I had the overwhelming image in my head of a great white canvas.  Being provided with brushes, oils, paints, and a multitude of other resources, I was to design this canvas in the way in which I saw fit, in a way that would best serve the rural mountain community I was placed in, Sabanillas de Acosta.   Throughout the many years I spent in school and in my first job after college working for a law firm, I was told exactly what to do and h...

  8. Costa Rica A glimpse of life in a Costa Rican Home

    Just a few minutes of life in our Costa Rican town.

  9. Thailand Impromptu Classroom

    Here we teach young minds the finer points of "eyes, ears, nose, and mouth," while on a break during Thai language class

  10. China I've Never

    Teaching at a univeristy as part of my PCR service was both challenging and incredibly fun.  During my early morning classes, one of best ways to kick off class and wake up students was to play a game.  Here, during a fast-paced round of "I've Never", I somehow got caught in the middle.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.