1. El Salvador Making Fertilizer

    My friends and fellow youth group members excited about making organic fertilizer for the first time!

  2. Nicaragua Proud Owner of a Bicicleta!

    So I spent the last month and some change trying my best to be a good, frugal Peace Corps volunteer - refusing to buy a brand new bike because of the cost. Sure I have enough money to buy a shiny new bike, and sure I have family members back home who would have loved to “sponsor” my purchase, but I wanted to accomplish this using only the money from my Peace Corps “salary” without leaving myself starving for my next paycheck. [That's generally been my rule here because I'm really trying to ...

  3. Botswana Bots 3 Close of Service Conference with HE President Festus Mogae

    Bots 3 close of service conference. Dignitaries in attendance: His Excellency President Festus Mogae of Botswana, U.S. Ambassador to Botswana Katherine Canavan, and Minister of Health Prof. Sheila Tlou. March 3, 2007.

  4. Botswana Bots 3 Swearing-In Ceremony

    Bots 3 training group Swearing-In Ceremony at Kgosi Kgari Sechele II Secondary School in Molepolole, Botswana on May 25, 2005. All 27 trainees who arrived at staging in Philadelphia 10 weeks earlier made it through training and 1 year of service.

  5. Mongolia beauty pageant

    A Mongolian woman, wearing a traditional Mongolian headdress, participates in the Darkhan Nursing College's beauty pageant.

  6. Mongolia Picnic Song

    June, 2009. Darkhan-Uul countryside, Mongolia. Mongolians friends on a picnic, singing and drinking into the evening as they wait for the freshly slaughtered sheep to boil.

  7. Brazil Overland

      My student Overland (pronounced Oh-ver-láwn-dee) was named for the text his father saw on a truck in an American movie. Overland often rode his horse to the family farm in the countryside to fetch fresh milk for his family. Occasionally, he stopped at the home Brunie (another PCV) and I shared. We boiled the milk and added cocoa powder and sugar, then we lingered over Overland's favorite beverage, hot chocolate. Since our only transportation (except for buses to other cities) was our feet, ...

  8. Brazil The Road to Heaven

    In Brazil, I was stationed in Glória, "heaven" in Portuguese. This scene was my very first view of the small city in the distance on the horizon, when the Peace Corps director for the state of Sergipe delivered me, my suitcase, and my footlocker to the town in the Peace Corps jeep.           The countryside was a lush green indicating recent rain. On the dirt road to Glória, we had negotiated many large puddles that hadn't dried yet from the hot tropical sun ten degrees south of the...

  9. Brazil Young Mother

    This young mother was proud to show off her young children and sit for a portrait.

  10. Costa Rica waiting for the afternoon feed

    a pig looks beggingly at the camera, waiting for food.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.