1. Senegal Radio

    This guy was never without his trusty, rusty old radio.  He's enjoying a relaxing moment under the shade structure with his favorite tunes.

  2. Senegal School time

    The kids helped me paint these lively scenes on their classroom walls.  Here the teachers are taking a little break while the students study.

  3. Senegal Ocean Fishermen

    A friend and I came upon this scene as we were walking on the beautiful beach of Popenguine, near Thies.  The fish were flipping around, and the men all pulling hard to haul in the net.  Meanwhile, seabirds hovered nearby, waiting to catch a discarded morsel.

  4. India Images from India

    This video is a compilation of photographs taken in India while in the Peace Corps from 1969-1971

  5. Nepal Peace Corps Nepal 1987

    I served in N161 and this slide show documents my travels in Tarai, Pyuthan, Salyan, Nagarcot, Kathmandu and other places.

  6. Senegal 1st Eco-Tourism Expo

    With my fellow PCV, Laurel Gladish at the Eco-Tourism Expo that the PCVs working with Eco-Tourism put on to help promote the communities they were working with to tour agencies.  The event took place at Club Atlantique in Dakar, Senegal.  There were approximately 13 PCVs and their community counterparts that participated in the event

  7. Fiji School Tour

    Hospital dietician taking height and weight of school children during the school tour on my home island of Kadavu...

  8. Liberia Graduation Day

    These three young Liberians are dressed up for thier preschool graduation...

  9. Liberia Young Hope/ Old Glory

    Taken in a small village north of Monrovia, Liberia during a PCRV orientation in 2010...

  10. Senegal Three Children

    Senegalese children, like children everywhere, are beautiful

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.