1. Brazil Glória 1967 and 1969

      The Praça da Bandeira in the middle of Glória changed significantly over the two years I served there.   In the first photo, less than a month after my arrival, students marched in the 7 de Setembro (Independence Day) parade.  The concrete poles (you can see the ends of them stacked in the town square) were there in anticipation of full-time electricity that would be powered up before I left Brazil.   In the second photo, taken just a few days before my departure, my student Idalecinho sits...

  2. China Group Effort

    My students work together to create a poster expressing the history and characteristics of a genre of music. This group works on "Rock and Roll".

  3. Ukraine Easter Egg Hunt

      Here are some children searching for eggs at a hunt organized at an orphanage by Peace Corps Volunteers.

  4. China First Salad Experience

    Nadia, Mary, and Monsoon, students from my Women's Group, enjoy salad for the first time at an American themed dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

  5. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Children belonging to a local hill tribe. They help their families earn a living by allowing people like me to take pictures of them.

  6. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Some children on the steps of a temple, dressed in traditional hill tribe clothing.

  7. Ukraine Greek Ruins of Ukraine

    This is from a Summer camp I worked at in Sevastopol, a cit in Crimea.  During the moring I would teach English and in the afternoon we would go out sightseeing.  Here we are at some ancient Greek ruins. 

  8. Georgia bug-schizo

    “My house is a balanced ecosystem,” I explained to my two newest couchsurfers, in-between bouts against a large tarantula like spider, using a blue nalgene water bottle as my weapon of choice.  They were two girls, traveling from Turkey through the Caucasus and back to Turkey.  While on the road, they had explained the hospitality of Caucasian men (in their instance, primarily Armenian men) and how they were near constantly being followed, honked at and groped.  They fled from there quickly b...

  9. Mongolia Basketball

    At our aimag (province) children's camp, the kids couldn't get enough of playing basketball. Most of the boys knew much more about American basketball than I did.

  10. Cameroon Books For Cameroon

    A proud moment when the 40-foot container carrying 23,000+ books donated by Books For Africa for the Books For Cameroon project arrived in my provinical capital.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.