1. Philippines Visayan Love

    Highlights of the first year of service for Batch 268 Education and Environment Volunteers in Region 8, Philippines

  2. Lesotho Ha Ke Bona Matla

    I asked the seniors of Senkoase High to perform my favorite hymn, Ha Ke Bona Matla (when I see your strength), so I could have a piece of Lesotho to bring home.

  3. Lesotho Volleyball

    Senkoase High School boys' volleyball team was awarded the opportunity to travel to the capital city of Maseru for a country-wide tournament.  We didn't do very well, but it was worth the trip: for many of the boys, it was their first time off the mountain and into the big city.

  4. Swaziland The Journey is the Best Part

    My husband decided to go hiking in flip-flops: bad for him, great for this photo!

  5. Lesotho PC Partnership

    During Community Based Training (CBT), a young girl helped my friend Amy find her way home.

  6. China At ease

    Floating down a river in Southern Guizhou

  7. China In the mood

    Dong ethnic performance in Rongjiang

  8. Tanzania One Person

    I made this video because I wanted to share with people how much of an impact one person can make if one would only try.  I'm an average person but Peace Corps helped me accomplish amazing things.

  9. Azerbaijan Watching the Novruz Bonfires

    My neighbor watching the Novruz bonfires with wonder. Jump over these three times and say a little prayer to burn your bad karma from last year away to start the year fresh. 

  10. Azerbaijan Sign Language Club

    I taught simple American Sign Language at a Family Support Center in my city. I was inspired because I had a student who was deaf in my second grade class last year. Her teacher would always take her out of my class because she said she didn't need to be there. I learned that she was deaf. I asked if she was learning how to speak sign language and was told that her parents did not want her to speak with her hands. Her parent's plan was to have her go to school until she was in 4th form, and t...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.