1. Belize Men's Yoga Class

    The men were jealous that I do Yoga class for the women, so I started a Men's Yoga Class after they play football.  Namaste! (Monkey River Village, Belize.) 

  2. Belize Christmas party

    This is the preschool, infant 1 and Infant 2 Christmas party. 

  3. Bulgaria Cultural Exchange

    An American high school student from the capital city has been leading a photography interest group with my kids at the Roma middle school in town. Each child had the chance to take photos with disposable cameras as a photo assignment. Here, the American student is interviewing each child about the photos they took, and will later write an article about the kids and their creative inspiration for the biggest English news agency in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  4. Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Bridge

    This is Victoria Falls. The bridge crosses from Zimbabwe to Zambia.

  5. Malawi wikipolo

    This child's name is Wikipolo. He is being cared for by a very young mother.

  6. Zimbabwe rainbow over victoria falls

    This is a rainbow over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

  7. Malawi Victoria Falls

    This is Victoria Falls seen from the Zambian side. I was on a bridge bewteen Zambia and Zimbabwe when I took this picture.

  8. Malawi favorite tailor

    This was my favorite tailor shop in Malawi. There was a man here who would put my foot on a piece of paper and draw the outline. With the outline he would make me the greatest pair of leather sandals. I think I bought three pairs while in Malawi over the course of two years. Greatest leather sandals were made here.

  9. Malawi wikipolo

    This child's name was Winkipolo. I cannot remember what it means in Chichewa. He is being cared for by his grandmother in this picture.

  10. Malawi zebras in natural habitat

    This was atop Nyika Plateau in Northern Malawi. Zebras in their natural habitat.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.