1. East Timor Fallen Monument

    When the Indonesian occupation force left Eat Timor in 2000 the destroyed infrasturcture and ornament.  This fallen statue in baucau remains an excellent place to sit and hawk phone cards

  2. Madagascar School Garden Project

    The whole community got involved throughout this project!

  3. Madagascar Saosihifatra Celebration

    The village celebrates after the succesful installation of three large windmill generators!

  4. Brazil Quadrilha

    For São João (St John's Day) in June, the high school students and other young people performed a quadrilha (square dance) for the citizen's of Glória.  It was a fun event. Everyone dressed up like a Brazilian hillbilly. We took weeks to prepare and practice the moves.   São João was celebrated as the beginning of winter ---the rainy growing season.   My students ranged in age from 12 to 44. The high school had been in existence only 3 years when I arrived. The small girl wearing red tights w...

  5. Armenia Toasting an Engagement

    Making a vodka toast at my host cousin's engagement party. Engagements are a very public event in Armenia, and shared with the entirety of the bride and groom's families. Along with toasting to their future, the groom formally proposes to the bride at this party.

  6. Tonga Holopeka Sunset

    Sunset in Holopeka, Ha'apai, my homestay village for Group 72 Pre-Service Training.

  7. Tonga King's Presentation

    The top student from Tupou College accepts recognition from the King George Tupou V at the Education Day, a special event during the week-long celebration of his coronation in August, 2008.

  8. Namibia Mother Bear

    Many Namibian volunteers take advantage of Mother Bear Project, an organization that sends hand knit bears to children affected by HIV/AIDS in developing countries.  Providing bears to kids is a fun and simple project that brings a smile to everyone's face.  I had the opportunity to distribute bears to the graduating preschool students in my town.  This photo was taken at Msen's Preschool as the students prepared to parade through town in celebration of their graduation.  

  9. Czech Republic Parade of Flags - 40th Anniversary of Peace Corps

    The Parade of Flags during Peace Corps 4oth Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC.

  10. Uganda The Power of Pineapple

    "What can I do to motivate my students?" I think to myself, as I hastily pack my things one morning before heading to school. "They talk in class, they fail my tests, and even if I broke down and started caning them like the other teachers, they still wouldn't care about physics."   Then suddenly, a revelation: "I'll tempt them with food!"   Bag packed and sandals strapped on, I leave my house—a two-room shop stall at the heart of a rural trading center in weste...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.