1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix Camp Courage

    As in many of our countries served, St. Vincent has a very high unemployment rate, causing many teenage boys to turn to negative lifestyles. Camp Courage is a career development camp for boys near high school graduation to give them the resources necessary to make the transition between school and the workforce a little smoother. Marlon Roudette, lead singer of the popular group Mattafix, is a native of St. Vincent and was home for the holidays. We made this short promotional video for our ca...

  2. Costa Rica Handmade Pottery

    Young man continuing the traditions of his Chorotega ancestors' craftmanship in the community of Guaitil de Santa Cruz.

  3. Kazakhstan AIDS Walk in Uralsk

    Students from local colleges and universities participate in the first ever AIDS Walk organized by local PCVs. 

  4. Honduras Training Days

    The photo was taken after a hot day of working in 105F weather working cement to build a pila.  The work was hard and long, but exciting and made for excellent friendships.

  5. Malawi The Road Home

    Some ladies strolling down a beautiful tree lined road with their market goods on their heads.

  6. Mozambique Market Dancing

    Some girls from my youth empowerment group performing in our local market.

  7. Mozambique Golden Sunset

    Taken from the health post just at sunset over the mountains at my site.

  8. Guyana Fence Post Transporting

    At a self help to build parts of a fence, I was surprised to find an old man, well over 70 years old helping out with the work.   Since they had no bulls to pull the cart, the men decided that the best thing to do would be to push the cart themselves.

  9. Fiji Hard Work

    Each project on the island begins and ends with a celebration and dedication. Here the pastor and chief are blessing and praying for the completion of a new water tank. The Lima Malosi (strong hand) workforce is looking on and ready to begin the work.

  10. Fiji Warrior Moves

    The men perform warrior dances during the fatele, traditional dance, as they tell their history. The traditional costume includes flowers and plants native to the island.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.