1. Dominica Traditional Bath

    Uma, my homestay nephew, was often given a bath like this in the yard.  You will see several local leaves in the bath, these are intentional to assist with keeping bad spirits away.  I love this photo as it shows a lot - cute kid taking traditional bath, coconuts used to sell for livelyhood, and warm Dominica sun.

  2. Dominica Morning Prayer

    Students at the Salybia Primary School would begin every morning of instruction with a prayer.  This day I was lucky to catch this nice photo of several of them praying earnestly.

  3. Peru Nueva Vida

    I live right next door to the health post and one night, our obstetrician came over to tell us that a woman was giving birth next door. I came over to see if I could help, and ended up witnessing my first birth. The baby was not breathing when it first came out, but my community partner skillfully and confidently brought the baby back to life.

  4. Peru Town Meeting

    I was invited to one of my communitie's town meeting where the town's leader announced the construcion of a new health post in their town. These ladies were patiently waiting for the meeting to begin.

  5. Guyana Walking home

    Amerindian boy walking home

  6. Guyana Looking Out

    A young Guyanese looks out the window to enjoy the people passing by 

  7. Micronesia Bring the World Home -- Greg Knudsen in Chuuk, Micronesia

    This is a half-hour interview of ME by the Hawaii Returned Peace Corps Volunteers about my 1974-76 Peace Corps experience in Chuuk (formerly Truk), Federated States of Micronesia. The video was for HiRPCV's "Bring the World Home" and aired on Olelo (Hawaii's public-access cable channels) during Sep./Oct. 2010. It was recorded in Aug. 2010. Mahalo (thanks) to producer/interviewer Linda Chock. Links to other "Bring the World Home" videos are posted by the Hawaii Returned P...

  8. El Salvador Skype

    This family just came to my house to skype with their son whom they have not seen since 1998. He is living illegally in the states. It was also the first time the mom had ever seen a computer. When her son's face came on the screen she started crying and kept saying "that's my son... That's my son" and then the whole family talked for 2 hours and never had to worry about how much it was going to cost them. We had to shine flashlights on her face cause my house only has one light bul...

  9. Mongolia Grandmothers

    During Tsagaan Sar ("White Moon/Month"), the biggest holiday in Mongolia, people visit each other's homes. This is my counterpart's mom and her sister, in their best deels (traditional clothing).

  10. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix & Camp Courage (In My Hometown)

    Mattafix's Marlon Roudette shares about lessons learned growing up in his hometown of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Camp Courage, a youth empowerment initiative in development by current Peace Corps Volunteers in SVG.

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