1. Azerbaijan International Women's Day

    Flowers for teachers

  2. Azerbaijan Ana

    Beautiful woman in my southeast village who treasured a late afternoon stroll as i did

  3. Argentina Iguazu

    In guarani, Iguazu means Big Water. This view right outside of modern-day Paraguay, in Argentina.

  4. Paraguay Riding a horse

    This is me riding a horse for the first time in Paraguay. I later bought my own.

  5. Paraguay Traditional Dance

    Girls dressed in ao po'i dancing the Paraguayan Polka

  6. Paraguay Lake

    The lake in Aregua, Paraguay.

  7. Madagascar The Mikes of the World

    Though focused on an outside visitor to my site and not on the villagers with whom I lived, this journal entry chronicles a day's thought at site in September 2007: A little while ago, something unprecedented occurred in our small town. Three Americans came to Soalala within the same week. After not seeing any Americans at all during the past year and seven months, this was quite a shock. The first to arrive (and the only notable one) was Mike – a professor from the University of Illinois who...

  8. Madagascar Basketball Court Repair

    These two young men work hard to restore the town's basketball court.  They somehow shimmied up the posts without a ladder.

  9. Madagascar Malagasy Fisherman

    A good day's catch for the man who lived across the street.

  10. Madagascar Neighbor makes his new lakana (canoe)

    My neighbor built the roof on our hut from palm fronds around us, but his day job was to fish.  Here he prepares his office equipment.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.