1. Togo Take Our Daughters to Work Week

    Hello, my name is Camilla Pearson, the PCV Organizer for the PCPP Project "Take Our Daughters to Work Conference Week" enacted in Togo, West Africa at the end of March 2011. My counterparts and I are really proud of the project and wanted to share our story with you. The conference was held for motivated high school girls in theplateaux region of Togo that were either in their junior or senior years of highschool. Girls at this level of education are somewhat rare in our region (and...

  2. China Defying Gravity

    Classes are canceled, spring has arrived, and faculty, staff, and students at universities around this country thrill with excitement. In Chongqing, the usually staid and serious teachers gather out on the track in matching jumpsuits, waving banners and talking trash while they prepare to march before crowds of students cheering from the sidelines. Ride the wave of anticipation that resonates through the air as loudspeakers blare with spirited commentary and call out events—the long jump, the...

  3. Ukraine Celebrating freedom a backbreaker

    Monday, September 24, 2001 By Christie Appelhanz SELESHCHINA, Ukraine -- The fall of the Soviet Union changed the way the world works from Beijing to the Beltway. It didn't, however, change the way Luda works in this quiet village of 5,000, where the cows still walk down the main street unescorted every morning to graze. Well, maybe things are a little worse, she says, since they lifted price controls and the cost of food soared. Luda survived the economic collapse of the ...

  4. Bangladesh Metalworking in 150 degrees

    An extremely skilled artisan who worked in a  non-air-conditioned room with a fire in it.    

  5. Bangladesh Intervida Children's Home

    My best friend in Peace Corps, Xaviera worked at Intervida Children's Home.  She invited me to a birthday party for some of the orphans who called it home. 

  6. Thailand A Taste of Thailand

    I probably bike a good hour and a half each day -- which is good, getting some exercise in with all the food I'm eating. I take a shower when I get home, maybe wash my clothes by hand (not the most enjoyable of pastimes, and not intrinsically rewarding in some kind of hokey, sweat-and-blood sort of way, in case anyone idealizes that whole Wordsworthian "common man" mystique), and then wait around for dinner and by the time that's done I'm pretty spent so I usually jot a coup...

  7. Georgia Spring Collage

    Winter has finally passed in Georgia and people are out and about enjoying the beauty of Spring and the much awaited warm weather.

  8. Fiji Fire Walking

    An annual Hindi fire walking celebration at a rural Hindu Temple in Fiji

  9. Zambia Zambian flower

    A beautiful flower found at the backdrop of Victoria Falls, Zambia: one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

  10. Moldova Learning Business Skills

    This video is of a entrepreneurship seminar I held in my town for youth. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.