1. Senegal Paper Recycling in Senegal

    These are members of my Eco-Ecole program (an environmental education program for 9-11 year olds) who are ripping recyclable paper with me to make paper briquettes to use for cook stoves.

  2. Namibia Young Meets Old

    The National Immunization Days (NID) campaign is held every year in Namibia. One of my responsibilities during the campaign was to document the campaign in my town through photos which would then be included in the official report. After taking all of the photos, I went back through to pick out the best and discovered this gem.   The old woman is a volunteer who was administering our Vitamin A Supplement, the little girl was now on to her second oral vaccine (first being Polio) and clearly ha...

  3. Mali Curious

    A young village boy posing for his close-up.

  4. Namibia Captive Audience

    We were conducting an outreach program in the Oshiwambo Location under a tree. We set up chairs and made posterboards we could strap around our necks to present our information. Today's session was about alcohol and drug abuse and its effects on the community. I was taking pictures of the event when I spotted this little guy staring up at me while his mother listened on.

  5. Mali Shy that way.

    Shy little Alima, reluctant to pose for the camera.

  6. Mali Beautiful Surprise

    A delicate, months-old baby looks up to the sky.

  7. Mali Joyfully Innocent

    My good buddy Nandi being the joyful, silly little girl that she is.

  8. Mali Heartfelt

    Young Fatouma and her brother enjoying a good, heartfelt laugh.

  9. Ukraine Angel Tree

      Two of my University students, Victoria and Dasha, distributing Christmas gifts at an orphanage as part of our “Angel Tree” project.

  10. Ukraine Angel Tree

    This about a project we did at Christmas time called "Angel Tree"  It went like this: Peace Corps Volunteers and our University Students went to local orphanages and had kids write down gifts that they wanted on paper angles.  Many of the kids asked for gifts that were far to expensive, such as bikes, Playstations and cell phones (some specified models).  One boy actually asked for a Rolex.  Then we put the paper angels on a tree outside a mall and asked people to take an angel ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.