1. South Africa Kids in Kruger

      A local game lodge that is part of the &Beyond Foundation and focuses on “ecotourism” invited representatives from all three of our schools to attend a conservation lesson and game drive. Several teachers, principals, and students attended the event. Even our local village Indhuna (Chief's Headman) got to come along. The purpose of this event was to teach kids about the environment and the animals in the park in order to inform them about the importance of wildlife conservation. This...

  2. Botswana Camping Along the Okavango Delta

    Woody rides in a traditional Botswanan mokoro canoe filled with our camping gear. 

  3. South Africa The Computer Lesson

    Kids watch intensely as Woody demonstrates the typing program during the opening of the new computer lab at one of our primary schools.

  4. Sierra Leone Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT)

    I was an Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone from 1984-1986, assigned to Rogbesseh in Tonkolili District in the Northern Province....not too far from Masanga Leprosy Hospital and Magburaka. I was hoping to be the Great White Hope Teacher...I'm not sure how much impact I made as a Primary Workshop Coordinator, teaching English, Maths, and Science...but if I made any impact at all, it might have been with a Health concept that Volunteers were taught for their OWN survival... One da...

  5. Guyana International Women's Day

    We worked with local women to plan a march, dinner, and concert to appreciate women for International Women's Day. The women made a banner with the theme, a set of posters of words that describe women written on flower petals, which we chanted as we marched - "Women are strong! Women are beautiful! Women are talented" etc...    It was a lovely evening that was almost destroyed by rain, but the men helped us move all our equiptment for the concert (speakers, decorations, microphones)...

  6. Guatemala The Good Life

    Coffee Farm in Antigua

  7. Uganda The Cinderella Next Door

    As I walk past six-year old Paulina who is bent over the sink in the middle of her second load of dish washing, she smiles pleasantly and replies quietly, “I’m fine,” when I greet her. Her ebony skin glistens in the splashes of sun-lit soapy water and her small hands work methodically as she meticulously scrub each dish caked with remnants of the previous meal. When I stop to ask her why she isn’t attending school today, she cheerfully answers that she would attend the next day. C...

  8. South Africa Geography Lesson in Progress

    Geography lesson using the world map project.

  9. South Africa Reading Rewards Program

    One of the "Top Five Readers" in the Reading Rewards program receiving her certificate.

  10. South Africa Literacy classes in the new library.

    Robin gives a lesson on the library rules in the new library.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.