1. Azerbaijan You're it!

    A lively game of tag at a PCV-organized summer camp in Neftchala, Azerbaijan.

  2. Thailand Golden Buddha & Home,

    Gold leave Buddha super-imposed over typical rural house.

  3. Mozambique Corpo da Paz!

    At a 50th Anniversary event in June 2011.

  4. Peru Mollendo, Peru

    First time for these children to see the ocean.  They lived in a barrio in Arequipa, Peru at an altitude of 8000 feet.   Was an exciting and joyful experience for all of us. 

  5. El Salvador When it rains, it pours.

    Never had I ever experienced rain like this until Peace Corps El Salvador, when the rain just falls for hours and hours in sheets and buckets. There is no going anywhere, just time to wait it out and watch the rainfall. Asi es.

  6. El Salvador Don't forget to brush your teeth.

    Tooth Brushing Charla- Los Cimientos, Morazan, during a medical brigade, May 2011.

  7. Georgia My Workspace

    Student presentations in the classroom.

  8. Honduras Truckstop Wall Garden

    El Moral, Sinuapa has charm.  The weathered cowboy community sits along the curve of a single paved road stretching all over Central America.  With the heavy traffic this, otherwise seemingly remote and rural, Western Honduran village gets crafty with the excess waste. 

  9. Senegal Mr. Cool

    Adama was taken by a PCV to a hospital participating in Operation Smile to have his cleft lip repaired.  Then he put on a hat and sunglasses to highlight his cool new looks to his friends and family when he got back home.

  10. South Africa Sunset over the Sand River

    Sunset falls over the Sand river - the river that runs through our village.  People use the river for washing clothes, bathing, swimming, fishing, drinking, and collecting water for house-hold use. 

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.