1. Thailand Building Relationships

    These are the students that we taught during our training.  The best part of any classroom is getting to know the silly side of your students.

  2. China Lou Shan Guan

    My students and I took this  jumping picture in front of Chairman Mao's famous quote at Lou Shan Guan, a historic place in China's communist history.

  3. Togo Cotton harvest in Affem Kabye

    The Kabye people of Central and northern Togo are known and respected as very hard working people. They take pride in their yam fields covered with enormous yam mounds and they also take pride in their gigantic cotton harvest. What's even more amazing is that most villagers in Affem Kabye do all of the farm work by hand using very primitive tools; only a few in 1995 had the luxury of animal traction to facilitate the farm work. When the cotton company truck comes to the village, the public sp...

  4. Mongolia Reindeer Games

    The Reindeer people live up along the Mongolian and Russian border subsisting on reindeer that they have domesticated. I caught this photos as the children were taking off to play in the tundra on the backs of reindeer.

  5. Paraguay Bee-Kini

    At the end of training, the beekeepers were doing bee-beards and invited all interested parties to participate. The fun part was getting them off!

  6. Paraguay Road Trip Altitude Hell

    Driving from sea level to 15,000 feet in an afternoon to camp out at Parque Nacional Lauca (in Chile on travel leave) was a bad idea. After suffering a night of miserable altitude headaches and freezing Atacama Desert air, Greg Mason and I got a Park Guard to snap this photo before heading back 'down the mountain.'

  7. Guatemala Feria

    A small village in the Western Highlands celebrates it's annual fair by decorating the church and dancing in costume

  8. Liberia Out of the mud!

    This photo was taken when I was a Response volunteer in Liberia. It was rainy season and the mud was hoorrific. These fine gentleman helped us out!

  9. Senegal Hoopiness!

    Bringing the joy of the hula hoop to the children of West Africa.  My Girls Group spent the afternoon making hula hoops and then we practiced our moves.  They were quick learners.

  10. Ivory Coast learning a language

    Terry and I took the same bus to school each day, he teaching at the university, I as an English instructor at the Teacher Training College of Abidjan. We both spoke French fluently, and had been placed in a dioula class during training, resulting in our enjoying chatting, both in French and dioula, in the bus with the regular early-morning passengers. As we got to know our fellow commuters a bit better, they took an interest in us and began to teach us some local slang. When someone asked if...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.