1. Macedonia Kids will be kids!

    It just goes to show you that no matter where you are, kids are kids!  Who needs fancy, new, brightly colored toys?  After a gift was received by our Macedonian family, the grandchildren quickly put their imaginations at use with the box.  They had fun for hours!!

  2. Macedonia Girls just want to have fun!

    This group of girls became very special to me, very quickly.  As only children can do, they welcomed and loved me before I could even get my newly learned and practiced Macedonian 'hello' out of my mouth. We spent a great deal of time together and always, always laughed  (I wonder if most of their laughing was at my attempt to speak their language!?). They proved that language does not bond people together, it's the special connection that occurs after your first shared smile.  They continue ...

  3. Brazil Flamed

    When I arrived at my Peace Corps site and discovered I would be living without electricity or running water, it seemed like my life there would be much like a two-year-long camping trip. I had been a Girl Scout. I was prepared ---or so I thought. I admit that it was fun for a while, using my Girl Scout skills and learning new ones to get along in the harsh environment, but after a while, I missed many of the conveniences of home. On one occasion, forgetting that things didn’t work in Glória t...

  4. Ukraine Pig Statue

      I found it amusing that someone decided “You know who needs a statue? Pigs.” It seems particularly odd to me now that I live in a Muslim country where people are revolted by pigs.

  5. Ukraine дуже Ukrainian Girls

      This is at "Survival Camp" put together by volunteers to give students a chance to be outdoors and practice English.  Pictured are two of our campers posing in traditional Ukrainian clothes, making them "дуже" (very) Ukrainian Girls.

  6. China Little Monster Revealed

    For Halloween, my ESL students created masks using shapes and colors they recently learned. In this photo, Jason took his mask down to yell "Boo!", a cultural note he discovered he really liked!

  7. Thailand The Bathroom Chronicles

    In the bathroom this morning, doing business as usual, except, for some reason, today is different. I still have almost-diarrhea (AD), which, as the name implies, isn't quite diarrhea but still isn't quite kosher. I like to call it Harey Diarrhea (HD), because it's as if halfway through the race diarrhea just decided to stop and take a nap. I've had AD, or HD, take your pick, let's just start calling it ADHD, every day at site thus far. Not fun. Sometimes my progress is tormentingly slo...

  8. Romania Laundry at home

    Washing clothes at home. In the winer I had to use rubber gloves to protect my hands from the very cold water.

  9. Cameroon Thing Things You Don't Realize...

    … when you have everything. Did you ever realize how dirty you get when you don’t have an actual shower? We are in the midst of dry season here and water is a more precious commodity than ever. While I am lucky and have gotten in good with neighbor kids who come to fetch water for me daily, the supply is still limited. As a result, bucket-bathing daily has become a luxury. That, and it’s really just a huge pain in the rear end. No worries, I have plentifu...

  10. Nicaragua Shat on by a Chicken in a Mango Tree

    This week I was shat on by a chicken in a mango tree. That's an entertaining enough story as it is if you ask me, but I will elaborate because, correct me if I'm wrong, but I imagine that none of you have ever been shat on by a chicken – especially not from such an altitude as a mango tree. I've decided you should all be allowed to picture it exactly, so that you can really share in this experience of mine. You can thank me for that later. I've mentioned before that the chickens in my host...

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