1. Fiji Toothbrush Drill

    My host family sister Adi had to improvise in order to reach the water faucet during her morning brush...

  2. Fiji Open Wide Please...

    The dentist and his assistant extract a tooth from a student during a health team school tour on my home island of Kadavu.

  3. St. Lucia Girl Guide Ceremony

    This is my entire Girl Guide Company gathered together after the Promise Ceremony in December 2009. 

  4. St. Lucia Solar Ovens

    I did a summer camp in August 2010 for my Girl Guide Company and we earned the Climate Change and Food Security badge. Here are some girls putting together their solar ovens for one of our activities that week. 

  5. St. Lucia Dennery Floods

    In October 2010, one week before my COS date, my village of Dennery on the east coast of St Lucia flooded. It was a devastating flood and many homes were damaged. Here is a resourceful member of my village getting around by refrigerator. 

  6. Dominican Republic The Things We Were Forbidden to Do!

    In the Peace Corp in the Dominican, it was forbidden to do many things or else face being kicked out.  In this photo, I did two of those: rode a motorcycle without a helmet and drove a motorcycle!

  7. Colombia Teachers on Parade

    Student teachers of the Escuela Normal Superior dancing in a independence day parade in Cartagena, Colombia. I am training future teachers in English and teaching techniques. In Cartagena, dancing Salsa, Vallenato, and Champeta is the number one activity.

  8. Colombia Dancing in the Street

    My counterpart Gabriel, an English teacher, dancing in a parade to celebrate the independence of Cartagena, Colombia from Spain 200 years ago. 

  9. St. Vincent and the Grenadines A Vincentian Calypsonian

    In 2009, my wife and I were involved in a project at our post in Georgetown, St Vincent, to honor the service of community leaders around the area.  As part of this project we made short videos about each one of them to memorialize them for future generations.  This video is of a local calypsonian, Gao (Godwin Augustus Olliviere), who lives in a village down the road from us.  I hope you enjoy his song and the interview!

  10. Belize Host Brother

    My host brother playing around in a tree.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.