1. Nicaragua ¿Donde está la gallina?

    During a family birthday, my little host brother was dying to have his picture taken with one of the family's chickens.  After a couple of attempts and my entire host family rolling on the floor laughing, we finally got this picture.  Humor truely knows no culture boundaries!

  2. Ecuador What!? Foooosball

    Peace Corps Volunteers love to run into classic games like these when they're perusing the annual festivals.

  3. Kenya The Vomit Clinic

      Excerpts from my blog at http://bigtummyinkenya.blogspot.com February 4, 2006. My friend Julia runs the village vomit clinic. She calls it an herbal medicine practice, but when sick people come over to your house and barf into a basin so you can analyze it, I call it a vomit clinic. She has been running it for about four years, and people come from as far as Kapsabet, the district capital an hour and a half away by bus, seeking the healing powers of puke. The vomit potion is a family secre...

  4. Paraguay Condoms on Bananas

    A safe sex workshop excercise, practicing putting condoms on bananas in a girl's school in Horquetta, Paraguay. 

  5. Paraguay World Map Prison

    Putting the finishing touches on a three month project to paint a world map on the classroom wall of a prison in Concepcion, Paraguay. 

  6. Fiji Peace Corps Volunteer's Unite!

    This year being Peace Corps' 50th anniversary, and most PCVs being somewhat famous in the communities they serve, there is an initiative underway by PCVs and RPCVs to have a current PCV appear on this season's TV show "Dancing with the Stars".  Most PCVs are famous in the communities they serve, so we think if fitting to push for this - Also it would not only shed light on Peace Corps but hopefully inspire others to volunteer in general! We ask for your support by watching ...

  7. The Gambia Should I get in this car?

    A setplas I took to the Kombo from Basse.  It had its own juju around the steering wheel.

  8. Belize My host brother!

    Having fun with my host brother, Kerkland. 

  9. Belize Fun with my Host Brother

    Riding bikes around Dangriga, Belize with my host brother and Heather, another PCV.  

  10. Malawi peace corps training

    This is the coed cheerleading squad we assembled at training.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.