1. Malawi Even Chickens Ride the Bus

    These are just a couple of young girls I sat next to on a mini bus who had a live chicken with them.

  2. Malawi Everyone Loves to Dance in the Rain!

    One day during rainy season, we had a particularly heavy down pour so I was just sitting in my house, reading and enjoying the thundering cacophony emanating from my tin roof. I was laying on my sofa when I thought I heard laughter and singing drifting in my open front window. When I sat up to investigate, I discovered a few neighbor children dancing and singing outside my house, half-naked in the pouring rain. Needless to say, it brought a huge smile to my face and was a great photo op!

  3. Malawi Africa's Fallen Angels

    Their crumpled, lifeless bodieslitter the cold cement floorAn unlikely graveyardRemnants of a long, overnight battle,a struggle to survivea fight for fooda buzzing debacle of sorts.Fallen soldiers,ripped limb from limbSilent, sleeping amputees,With no more song left to sing.The casualties were highon every side.Each army’s dismembered comradescreating a eery obstaclefor their gods to tip-toe by.No one gives a second glanceto their twitching,spazzing appendages.We cannot entertain the thoughto...

  4. Costa Rica Economia para el Exito

    5th and 6th graders from my Economia para el Exito class I thought in conjunction with Junior Achievement Costa Rica.

  5. Mongolia Skulls and Bones

    Two Mongolian children playing with some of the many animal bones found around town

  6. Mongolia Hanging out in the Huduoh

    Duirng training one Tuesday night I was informed upon arriving home that myself and my Mongolian family needed to go to the hudouh (countryside). I told them all that I couldn't, because I had Mongolian dance practice, but they were not budging. So, I skipped dance class to head to the hudouh with the fam. The entire event, was disastrous from the start. We stopped on the way out of town, to get gas...which for some reason made the car smell like gasoline the entire hour and half ride. Also...

  7. Ukraine What The Cluck?

    Something happened at the local bazaar the other day. While doing my daily produce shopping I found myself in perhaps the most helpless and intriguing situation I've been in thus far here in Ukraine. It began with a bump and ended with a thud. Someone had elbowed me in my backside. A mistake, more than likely. People squeeze into the narrow paths of the markets on their way to and from the many kiosks like wriggly little fish would if you were to put them all in the same bowl. The jab to my...

  8. Ukraine In Winter, Still a Warm Place

      Winter has arrived, that bitingly cold and miserably wet season dreaded by many PCVs in Ukraine. For me, it’s my first. Having arrived in March of 2010, I’d only heard the horrors of the worst Ukrainian winter in decades, about stranded buses, and broken space heaters, streets caked with ice and the feeling of being held prisoner in your own apartment. In June, while listening to these stories told by group 36 and 37 volunteers, I felt as though winter was a world away. Now, it’s here.   Tr...

  9. Panama Walking In Someone Else Shoes

    During a Project, Management and Leadership charla in a fellow PCV's site we decided to do a dinamica called "Walking In Someone Else Shoes."  Each person takes off one shoe and puts it in a big bag and after everyone has done so, each participant takes a shoe out of the bag without looking and puts that shoe on.  And then we all walk around in our new shoe.  After a while we stop and ask everyone to comment on the exercise.  And the thing that always comes out of it is that we all ...

  10. Panama 11,339 feet of Inspiration

    On April 19, 2010, 15 Peace Corps volunteers accompanied 6 teenagers from my community, Puerto Armuelles, on a hike of Volcan Baru.  At 11,339 feet, this volcano towers above all other mountains in Panama and provides a unique view of both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. This picture is from the start of our hike at 11:00 pm.  After 7 grueling hours of Level E hiking we made it to the top just before sunrise where were were treated to clear sky towards both seas and a violent thundersto...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.