1. Costa Rica Paint Hands

    A youth takes a break from painting a mural in Copey, Costa Rica.

  2. Kazakhstan You know when I went away to the Army 25 years ago...

    Upon arriving at site 15 months ago I was greeted by my soon to be host father at the train station. His son and I had met on the train coming from PST and we had decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity for all involved parties if I were to live with them for my required 6 months, before moving out on my own. Within the first couple of weeks I was a guest at many houses as I met cousins, brothers, aunts, and grandparents. All of them had the same similar questions as to how I arrived...

  3. Guyana Phagwah

    Celebrating the Hindu festival of colors, locals are powdered with various colors while singing, clapping and playing instruments. 

  4. Micronesia Fifi, Dandan, Karenkaren

    This photo is of my wife Karen (on the right) with a couple of the teenage girls in our host family. They are all wearing typical floral-print Trukese dresses and maramar garlands in their hair.

  5. Kazakhstan A Visit from Grandfather Frost

    Students of Russian School No. 1 in Chapaevo clamor for a gift from Grandfather Frost during the school's New Year celebration.

  6. Dominica Twavay Fo

    Mac was well into his sixties when this was taken, yet carrying this heap of plantains was no problem for him.  Most would cut off parts and carry them separately, but he decided to take the whole bundle.  Hard work indeed.    

  7. Mozambique Obama Sighting

    Obama merchandise is a hot item in Mozambique!

  8. Fiji The Boat Ride

    Making a quick trip to the grocery store back home is rather simple. In Fiji, like most things, it isn’t quite so simple. Our opportunities for  shopping come once a week when the community’s fiber boat makes its weekly trip across the straight for some shopping on Taveuni. We can hire a boat but this gets very expensive. It hadn’t rained since we arrived and then a big storm rolled through Thursday. Friday some of the remnants still remained but the seas didn’t look too bad. We were suppose...

  9. Fiji Te Ano

    Te Ano is the name of a traditional game the islander’s play every New Years. Ano is the name of the large ball they play with that is the size of a softball but is actually a stone wrapped with leaves. The game is played on a rugby pitch with two teams facing each other within large rectangular boxes running the length of the field. The two rectangles are slightly offset and the server for each team stand directly in front of the opposing teams rectangle. The entire village could probably ...

  10. Fiji A Warrior's Greeting

    The Prime Minister of Tuvalu came to Kioa during the Christmas holiday celebration. He is being greeted by a canoe flotila of men and women serenading him.

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