1. Georgia A Typical Day in the Life of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia

    American Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia   Volunteering in a developing country for two years is probably exactly what you expect it to be -- a sparse water supply, gravel roads and an inordinate amount of farm animals.  Living in Georgia might bring out the inner hitchhiker or even the inner vegetarian in you. I wake up at six in the morning with the cocks.  At every hour of the day the cocks can be heard from any corner of my house, but they grow especially noisy at six in the morning, ju...

  2. Mozambique Scientist at Work!

    A young student demonstrates how to separate a mixture based on the properties of different substances for his science fair project.

  3. Mali Joking Cousins

    I traveled around the world photographing Peace Corps volunteers for a book, Making Peace with the World, Photographs of Peace Corps Volunteers that is being published by Other Places Publishing. I photographed Peace Corps volunteers in 22 countries on five continents. My subject in Mali, Peace Corps volunteer Audra Helser serving as a Health volunteer in Kouoro Village in the Sikasso Region, was very good about getting me introduced to the culture of her country and to the citizens of ...

  4. Venezuela Slick work

    Peace Corps volunteers are by nature creative, independent folks who frequently expend energy to delay or avoid altogether aspects of living in the host country that they find distasteful. One such aspect was the required gamma globulin shots that we as Peace Corps physicians were mandated to give to each of them at regular intervals to lessen the risk of acquiring viral hepatitis. Many would dutifully arrive at the medical office in Caracas. Others had to be hunted in their rural...

  5. Paraguay Roadside Laugh, Paraguay

    Peace Corps Volunteers even demonstrate personal sustainability practices in the ways we get around. We navigate Paraguay's dusty countryside on bicycles, which can be a source of amusement for machismo men on their motorized bikes. Or maybe they were laughing at my huge sack of peanuts? (As vegetarians in a very meat-based culture, people were always giving us delicious treats from their "emergency" storage of plant-derived protein!)

  6. Nicaragua Shat on by a Chicken in a Mango Tree

    I've mentioned before that the chickens in my host family's yard like to climb the ladder of the mango tree to chill up there all evening/night. So the other night, while unsuspectingly walking back from the latrine, I was struck by what felt like a falling baggie of water – which would not be entirely surprising, considering sometimes they have water fights here with baggies of water en vez de (instead of) balloons. To my dismay however, it was not one of the local kids hanging out in the t...

  7. Mozambique The Fire Comes Close

    A brush fire came a little too close for comfort one evening in Mozambique.

  8. Mozambique Perspective

    While I was focused on the chameleon, they were focused on me. 

  9. Mozambique Reading The Economist

    There were a number of children in my backyard, and i frequently gave them magazines or pictures to go through and look at.  This particular child was thoroughly enraptured by this edition of The Economist, and made for a great photo. 

  10. China Everybody in the Peace Corps!

    Lyrics: Applications and interviews Doctors and dentists Hurdles and road blocks When will I get this? I've been waiting so long I check the mail every day For the letter that could Possibly send me away... To change the world Yeah you finally made it Welcome to the human race You only have one lifetime To make this world a little better place (than when you found it) And you'll make them all proud Just like your mama knew you would Go out into the world and do well But more importantly go...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.