1. Guyana Mash Cake

    Different villages from the surrounding area came in to participate in the Mashrimani celebrations including this young girl who dressed up in a birthday cake. Happy birthday Guyana!

  2. Niger Hot hats

    I went to the little store in my town and found these two boys and girl with self-made grass hats.  I ran home to get my camera and take their picture.  These kids couldn't stop laughing at themselves and their grass hats.

  3. Brazil On the Skids

            On a Monday afternoon after Brunie and I had spent a weekend in the capital city, we caught a two o’clock bus back to Glória, a trip of 126 kilometers, close to 80 miles. At home, that might have been a 90 minute ride, but in Brazil’s interior, frequent stops on the unpaved road stretched the trip to at least four hours.         Brunie had been in Glória a full year before I arrived. I had been there only four months.         Brunie had explained that many people from the interior, u...

  4. Madagascar The airport at my site

    Low maintenance and overhead costs at this airport.

  5. Madagascar Each of us pulls..err.. pushes our weight

    Our host family owned a shuttle bus.  They took us to a nearby park to celebrate Easter.  We pushed our way back home.

  6. Guyana Celebration

    My counterpart at the hospital that I work at was selected to dress up as a mosquito during the Mashrmani celebration in Guyana.   As you can see the sheer joy and excitement surrounding this event is pretty high.

  7. Kazakhstan The greatest PCV of them all!

    Students at a Rehabilitation Center in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan were given the chance to show off their knowledge of PC and a chance to "become a PCV".  Thanks to a local artist the citizens of Kazakhstan can become that mush closer to being a PCV.

  8. Georgia Cold Fingers

    This film is a slightly scary and comedic take on the cold winter months in my mountain-town in Georgia.  Sometimes laughter is the best remedy when your snowed in your house with no school.  My host family and I did get a kick out of the video we made during the heavy snowfall and that's why to me it was a success. 

  9. Gabon International Highway

    You won't see this anymore if you are a Peace Corps volunteer. A PCV on a motorcycle. That's me on 50cc Honda. It was slow but it got me around. Peace Corps stopped giving them to volunteers due to all the injuries associated with them. I had my father order me motorcycle parts and a repair manual to get it going.  Future volunteers, I would suggest you learn bicycle repair skills. They could come in handy for yourself and others.

  10. Gabon Travel overland in Gabon

    June 16th, 1980    The African Experience: You asked for it, 24 hours later.  Well, it all started on a Monday misty morning. There I was up bright and early at 6:15 AM, waiting, waiting, waiting......until noon .  Why the delay? The driver is going all over town(Oyem) picking up riders going to Libreville and wanting to maximize profits, he is now waiting for more riders. We can't leave until the van is full.  Oh well, a late start but I am grateful that we are finally moving.  To my left an...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.