1. Cameroon Aunty Evelyn

    Since a month or two into my service, in addition to my usual Peace Corps projects, I've been learning to sew as an apprentice to Aunty Evelyn, one of the best seamstresses in my town, Tombel, in the South West region of Cameroon. She is a total firecracker and takes her job as one of my many Cameroonian mamas very seriously. She's been a seamstress for nearly twenty years and uses her income to support her two children, Yvette, 16, who is quite the fashionista herself, and Ngulle, 10.

  2. The Gambia Driver John

    John was a driver for Peace Corps in the Gambia. He had a love for fish, was a little rough around the edges and loved a good laugh. This is a picture we took during a break in driving on mail run. You can see how lush and beautiful the earth is during rainy season and how rich the soil is. Great for growing crops, but not necessarily for driving. 

  3. The Gambia Mail Run

    Mail was delivered monthly via the Peace Corps mail van which two volunteers participated in. This was an amazing opportunity to see the entire country, visit volunteers in their villages and spend some quality car time with Driver John who is one of the most dedicated and personable local you could meet. This picture was taken in Basse when we rolled into town. 

  4. Ecuador Amazon Trek

    “¡Dos días, pura bajada, y sequísimo!” The campesinos assured us that our Amazonian trek would take no more than two days. It would be downhill the entire way and, even though it was the rainy season, completely dry. (If only I could have conjured up that telltale chorus from the “Gilligan’s Island” theme song?!) Well, apparently, either 1) they had never taken the trip themselves or 2) they were giddily seeking Atahualpa’s revenge! It took Mike Wooly and me five long, painful days to rea...

  5. Thailand World AIDS Day - Getting to Zero

    Two PC volunteers, about 10 adults and 130 children -- participated in a bike ride for World AIDS Day on December 2, 2011.  The bike ride was the final event from a AIDS/HIV Life Skills Camp held earlier in 2011 in the province of Nakhon Phanom Thailand. Participants showed their support to those living with HIV or AIDS by wearing a red bracelet and also by displaying one of several signs on their body or their bicycle. Signs shared 5-year goals from the UNAIDS program. Signs were available i...

  6. Guatemala Above The Crowd

    A child in the Aldea of Pahaj leans over the top of schools fence to see the parade for Carnival.  

  7. Madagascar Race to the Finish

    During an HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention bike tour, we held several condom races.  Teams competed to demonstrate propler condom use and ran to the finish (a trash can).  Here a woman runs to victory!

  8. Madagascar Visitors' Center Painting Project

    In May 2011, eight PCVs in Madagascar met at Ranomafana National Park.  We worked to paint the interior of the new visitors' center with images of endemic species.  We also created a three dimensional topographical map of the park and surrounding area. 

  9. Kazakhstan Happy Halloween!

    The women working at my school loved our Halloween costumes--and our American candy.

  10. Vanuatu On the Dance Floor

    Students of Onesua Presbyterian College let loose on the dance floor during one of our Entertainment Friday night events where they had the chance to show off their best custom dance in hopes of winning points for their dorm. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.