1. Guatemala Carol Ventura talking to La Jacaltequita members

    Officers of La Jacaltequita and I visited weavers in outlying villages twice a year. Here I’m discussing hair sashes with some of the members of the local chapter. The long hair of the Jacaltec women is wrapped with the same backstrap-woven hair sashes that they sold through the cooperative. American friends accompanied me on this trip to Limonar (a 6 hour walk from Jacaltenango) in 1979, including Anne Mulbry Cordon, the photographer.  

  2. South Africa Dancing With Joy

    Starley Talbott Thompson (aka Anderson) dances with an elder during a traditional wedding celebration in the village of Moruleng, Northwest Province, South Africa.  Onlookers cheered as Starley and her partner danced with joy.  Village weddings are events that take weeks to prepare for, and are attended by most of the residents of the village.

  3. Zambia Reading Together

    This is one of my friends from the village and his young companion.  This young boy took such good care of his blind friend.  They would come over and read to me from his braille Bible.

  4. Ukraine Ukrainian Marriage Agencies

      When my Ukrainian girlfriend broke up with me I wasn't thrilled, but I wasn't that surprised either, the relationship was stalled and I knew it was going to end eventually. That she broke up with me did come as a surprise to people back in America who seemed convinced that Ukrainian women would want to marry me for a ride back into America.  They didn't.  Girls there wanted the same thing they wanted from me in America, which was friendship.  The somewhat aggravating result was that most o...

  5. Ukraine RPCV Adds a Y

    Piece to go with photo:      “Hello, Ms. Taylor. Our records show that you are filing for a name change. Can you please spell your desired new last name?”             “Yes. B-a-l-t-i-y-s-k-y-y.” “Ok, I’ll put in the records Baltisky is your new last name. Is that Russian?"   “No, it's Ukrainian. My husband's from Ukraine. It’s spelled:   B, as in back home           A, as in, acceptance           L, as in, missing Lviv           T, as in, terrified by traffic           I, as in, irrit...

  6. Swaziland America Puzzle

    Children on our homestead are putting together a puzzle of America. The oldest, Thando, is hard at work.

  7. Swaziland Maize Under the Moon

    The staple food of the people of Swaziland is maize. My husband took this picture one evening from our porch.

  8. Democratic Republic of Congo Fish farming - A family affair

    Filling the pond compost bin with the boys.

  9. Cameroon Last Day au village

    I woke up after a restful sleep around 8am, without an alarm, of course, and put on my running shoes for one last jog down my favorite path. The crisp air made for a comfortable jog. I took noticed of each house that I ran by and took in each rolling hill that I passed. I will unlikely to have a regular running path this beautiful for years to come. I waved at villagers along the way that I often see; likely the last time I would see those faces again. Returned home and heated water in...

  10. Thailand About a Girl

    Prologue: A Good-Smelling Woman is Hard to Resist Girls complicate things. This is a well known cross-cultural phenomenon. Anthropologists all over the world have conducted field studies, and the one thing they agree on is, Women are crazy. This theory has been verified to such an extent as to become anthropological law, or, more precisely, a series of laws. The Laws of Women: The First Law of Women states that all women, without exception, are nuts. The Second Law of Women states ...

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