1. Malawi Malawi host family

    This is my Malawian host family. circa 1992.

  2. Mongolia Hasha Grandma

    This is the grandma of the family I first lived with in Mongolia. I loved watching her bless the beginning of every day with an offering of milk tea. 

  3. Mongolia girl in a lake

    My work group went to Uvs Lake for a party and I caught this picture of one of my co-workers little girls standing in the water. 

  4. Paraguay Reunion

    It was incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to return to Paraguay 7 years after COS'ing...to see how kids had grown and to see projects still in the ground and to reunite with old friends. Mario Espinola and his family were the best neighbors anyone could have.

  5. Guatemala Secret

    Hendrick, my host brother, shares a secret with me while I try to teach him a card game. 

  6. Guatemala Afternoon Paseo

    An elderly Maya man walks the village paths in the afternoon sun. 

  7. Guatemala Proud Abuela

    A proud grandma poses with her youngest grandson on her back while another granddaughter peaks out shyly from the adobe house.

  8. Zambia Take me for a ride...

    My best friends litte girl, Theresa, hanging out with me as I fix my bike

  9. Zambia It takes a village to raise a muzungu

    I met some of the most amazing people during my time in Zambia. Despite the difficulties I may have faced when I first arrived, it was really the people I surrounded myself with that made my experience what it was. Zambians are known for their hospitality and I was lucky enough to be a recipient of this. Every place I visited, I had people coming to greet me and wanting to show me the real Zambia. They offered me food to eat, places to sleep, treats from their gardens, and most notably, last...

  10. St. Kitts and Nevis Sisters

    In November 2009, two sisters from my school and neighborhood share an evening view of the Atlantic Ocean from my backyard in Belle Vue, St. Kitts.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.