1. Botswana Wheel barrow races

    Neighborhood kids holding wheelbarrow races in my front yard. Molepolole, Botswana

  2. Botswana New Years Eve

    Celebrating New Years Eve with my friends Jes & Kelone and their extended family.

  3. Costa Rica Costa Rican Public School

    Second graders hard at work in the rural mountain community of Sabanillas de Acosta, San Jose, Costa Rica.

  4. Costa Rica A Creative Outlet

    When my high school Spanish teacher came to visit my site in Costa Rica with ten of his students, his students and my first and second graders had the opportunity to express themselves through this fun art project using contact paper, glue, salt, and food coloring. 

  5. Brazil Ralfie & I

    RALFIE & I   We had little in common and never become close, Ralfie and I, but we both set down roots that grew and remained in a place very foreign and strange to us both.  Of a generally serious and aloof demeanor, tall, string bean thin, very fair skinned and with light blond hair, we contrasted physically.  I was as tall, lean and with dark hair and a skin that tanned easily.  I was from the white suburbs of Northern California and he from the white suburbs of Florida.  Southern white...

  6. Rwanda Nursery School Students

    These young students study at Saint Leonard Nursery and Primary School in Nyagatare, Rwanda.  Nearly all students in Rwanda wear school uniforms, and at Saint Leonard, they consist of blue blouses, blue sweaters, and blue shorts or skirts.

  7. Thailand Team Building

    Making friendships that will last a lifetime before heading out into the great unknown that is Peace Corps service.

  8. China Scrabble Buddy

    One of my favorite parts of serving as a PCRV in China has been the friendships I've been able to build.  Clare, a student from my university, and I would often go to a coffee shop and play BananaGrams together.  Needless to say, my expereince serving in PC China has been vastly different from my service in PC Niger.

  9. Togo Les gamins

    What's not to love about these adorable kids? When I first arrived in the village they would sing the "Yovo" song to me Yovo yovo bon soir (white person white person good evening) Ca va bien Merci Once we got to know each other, they would sing my name "Naka" and give me "high fives." That sure beats the Yovo song

  10. Togo Beauty parlor under the mango tree

    These are the adorable children of my health counterpart Henou in my village Affem Kabye. The kids loved to comb, braid, and touch my "silky" hair. My favorite little girl Margueritte put corn silk on her head so her hair would be like mine

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.