1. Moldova Happy Memorial Easter!

    In Moldova we celebrate not only Eastern Orthodox Easter but one week later we also go to the cemetery for Memorial Easter.  We bring with us sweets, breads, chocolates, colored eggs and wine to be blessed and eaten in honor of the souls of the deceased.

  2. Armenia Host mother

    Posing with my host mother, Gohar, on the couch in her Armenian apartment.

  3. Tonga Sela's Sea Star

    My host sister Sela is showing me a sea star, while her younger sister, Kalo, is collecting more on the beach below.  This is my absolute favorite picture from my service in the Kingdom of Tonga. 

  4. Macedonia Another day in the fields

    I ran into friends from a local village and they are always willing to smile for the camera.  This mother was coming back from the fields and I begged the young daughter to hop up on the donkey for a photo.  I don't know who did the better convincing - a whining, begging PCV or a mother with a quick, warning look.

  5. Macedonia US family meets PC family

     My family was visiting from the States and we couldn't let their visit go by without a good old fashion Macedonian picnic, complete with pictures!  Macedonians make everyone feel like family and that is what happened on this special day!

  6. Macedonia Hiking with family

    Sonia and Tosho; friends that became instant family.  Hiking was a great way to learn about each other and our different cultures.

  7. El Salvador TRASH... FUN? YES

    Youth Group Juvenil QuetzalCoatl of Nuevo Gualcho ready for the Earth Day clean up of empty toxic chemical bottles that were littered throughout their community and river.

  8. El Salvador Handmade Hammocks

    I had the pleasure of helping to make this hammock when I did a site visit to Morazon, El Salvador

  9. Botswana Me and my counterpart

    Me and my 3rd year counterpart - Dr. William Jimbo, the PMTCT Advisor to PEPFAR

  10. Botswana Young Women Empowerment Groups

    Part of a PCV created activity in 4 villages to empower young women in HIV prevention as part of the District's Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT) program.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.