1. Nicaragua Peace Corps Legacy

    My name is Terri Kempton, and my parents met in the '60's as part of Peace Corps Turkey - then I became a volunteer myself in Nicaragua from 2000-2002. This is my story of how the Peace Corps has changed my life and an entry in the NPCA's video contest. Thanks to my family and Nica 23 for your help and cooperation! The song "Blow out the candle, day is here!" used with permission: Composed by Diego Gonzalez, performed by Diego Gonzalez and Terri Kempton, produced/engineered by Terr...

  2. Morocco Ramadan with the host family

    Spending Ramadan with my fantastic homestay family

  3. Honduras Scarlet & toys

    Scarlet, a descendent of the Maya-Chortí, is busy crawling around her toys in the center of her family's main room. 

  4. Honduras la Venta

    Doña Catalina awaits costumers at her pulperia. 

  5. Honduras Doña Elvira

    Doña Elvira lives in Bo. Lempira, Cabañas, Copán, Honduras. She was my host mother's mother, and became my adoptive grandmother. She is a beautiful woman who taught me how to make breads, orange-leaf tea, and many other little lessons of the campo. 

  6. Honduras A Small Peace - A Big Change

    My Entry for the NPCA's "My Piece of the Peace Corps" Video Contest. By Rachel Jill Papernick Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Honduras 2007 - 2009) Music: "Lavarse las manos!" used with permission: Composed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, performed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, produced/engineered by Rachel Papernick. "Eye C" used with permission: Composed by Ross Nolan, performed by Ross Nolan. My piece of the Peace Corps, is dedicated to the people who are now and will f...

  7. Micronesia sunrise from a boat

    The tides again determined our approach to Walung.  Our silent, dark departure from Tafunsak marina allowed a sunrise approach to a community still attuned with non-electrical rhythms.  

  8. Venezuela My Peace Corps Reflections

    You might say I was one of the first Peace Corps volunteers, even though I just missed being counted among the first 1000.  I served in Venezuela as part of an agricultural extension project, during the period 1962-64.  As a Volunteer Leader, I supervised 19 Volunteers at 13 sites throughout six states.  The project’s main purpose was to develop 4-H Clubs (called 5-V in Venezuela), and provide the youth with techniques in agriculture and home economics. Prior to our departure from Washin...

  9. Fiji Farewell to Fiji

    Here are some of the boys that took me on a picnic during my last days in my Fijian village on the island of Vanua Levu.  In front of the boys is the tub of seafood we enjoyed and the root crops spread in front of them.

  10. Fiji Farewell to Fiji

    Fijians love to eat.  Fijians also love to farewell.  It was only natural that the two would be combined as my close of service neared.  For the last two weeks I was in my village I did nothing but eat my way around the tikina (district).  One of the most memorable feasts came on my last Wednesday, a day I had hoped would find us in the deep ocean, under a bright hot sun, gazing into water so blue it made the sky pale in comparison.  Instead, as happens to all good plans during Peace Corps, ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.