1. Armenia generation to generation

    Host family: great grandmothers and grandchildren together for dinner.

  2. Turkmenistan Families

    My family visiting my permanent site host family.

  3. Bulgaria 1st Day

    The first day of school is reason for celebration here in Bulgaria.

  4. Bulgaria Chess

    Loved seeing the old men playing chess in the park. It was like a seen from a movie, very surreal. 

  5. Bulgaria Best Friends

    They're always smiling.

  6. Guatemala My Peace Corps Family

    My host siblings and me hanging out at the training center.

  7. Jordan High on Life

    Culturally "inappropriate" in the spring

  8. Jordan High on Life

    PCVs having fun

  9. Fiji A Hike, 2

    My parents, after coming out of our hike into the woods.

  10. Fiji A Hike

    My parents came to visit me during my second year of service, in December 2009.  Two of the young men from a neighboring village led us on a hike to a waterfall.  It was an adventure for my parents (and me!) and we all felt successful and tired after finishing the hike.  But the water was cold, the sun felt great (my parents live in Wisconsin), and it made for a fun afternoon.  They got to see some of the challenges of my integration through this hike, which was physically demanding, and enco...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.