1. Mozambique Little Brother

    My host brother was showing off his climbing skills for the camera.

  2. Mozambique Bubble Bonanza

    Blowing bubbles with neighborhood children.

  3. Mozambique Bubble-Blowing Contest

    My sitemate and two neighborhood kids, competing to blow the biggest bubble.

  4. Mozambique Bubble-Blowing Lesson

    Neighborhood kids constantly come over to play and ask for drawing materials and magazines, and one day when they came to ask for soap for blowing bubbles, we had a bubble-blowing extravaganza.  Here, my sitemate is showing them how to blow big bubbles with their hands.

  5. Guatemala Meet The Parents

      I got an unexpected but very pleasant surprise when my dad called me last saturday night. “I have someone here that wants to talk to you,” he told me from his house in Jersey City, New Jersey. He handed the phone over, and to my amazement I was greeted by Katarina, the mother of one of the teachers I work with here in the Guatemalan highlands. I was so shocked at first by the connection between these two previously seperate parts of my life, it took me a few moments to understand wh...

  6. Kenya The Little Rose on Ngong Road

    I have become accustomed to seeing groups of school children walking for miles, all in their school uniforms, to and from school every day. Some of the groups are made up of 10 kids or more, some are groups of 4 and occasionally I will see them 2 by 2 – but I don’t remember in rural Kenya ever seeing a single school child walking alone. So I remember for just a second, that when I first caught sight of The Girl on Ngong Road, that seeing this young (probably about 7) school girl walkin...

  7. Sierra Leone Katy and KT Sierra Leone

    Katy holds "KT", her namesake.

  8. Zimbabwe Curatorial Work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe

    Curatorial WorkPermanent CollectionNational Gallery of Zimbabwe1993-1995   Chambers performed extensive curatorial work at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The following exhibitions are just a few of the many he put together from the Gallery's Permanent Collection. In pre-colonial Zimbabwe, technology and the arts were successfully combined to produce the material requirements of a culture dating back a millenium. The people of Zimbabwe had developed technology appropriate for the manufactu...

  9. Zimbabwe Variations on the Dan Mask

    Variations on the Dan Mask   Chambers used an African Traditional mask from the Dan Tribe in Eastern Liberia (a piece from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Permanent Collection: PC - 6400 - 0147) as the object for the photogram, then manipulated the non-exposed area generated from this original mask form to vary the look. There's a transference from a Traditional form to a Contemporary one, or in other words, this contemporary treatment remains within the confines of the Traditional form (thr...

  10. Zimbabwe Southwest Of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection [SoR:TMC]

    Southwest Of Rusape: The Mucharambeyi Connection [SoR:TMC]   This documentary photography project was in association with the Mucharambeyi family in Rusape, North East Zimbabwe and sponsored by U.S.I.S., Harare, Zimbabwe as the inaugural exhibition/event for the United States Information center [1995]. The Mucharambeyi family attended, and Johnnie Carson, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, opened the exhibition. Chambers considers this project one of his more meaningful ones since he spent several...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.