1. Paraguay Me and mom

    Me and my host mom, Conchena, with whom I laughed for two years. One of my favorite people in the world.

  2. Madagascar Coloring Across Cultures

    Twins proudly displaying their coloring artwork.  These children were my neighbors and loved to color.  WhenI first met them I had o show them how to hold a crayon in their hands.  They learned how to color quickly and would come by almost daily asking to color outside of my hut.

  3. Romania Legacy of a Generation: The Peace Corps at Fifty

      Where were you in 1961?  It was such a long time ago and many of you weren’t even born yet.  But I was.  And so were many others of us who answered the call to service with the US Peace Corps.  Now, we are some of us grandparents, wanting to leave our own legacies to children and grandchildren.  This life has given us reason to be proud.  When our American president back then, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, spoke at his inauguration to the world, he asked us to look at who we were as Americans ...

  4. Romania My Romanian Holiday


  5. Gabon Loumboulenga

    I took this photo during an environmental education tour around the Banio Lagoon villages, south of Mayumba, Gabon. This grandmother and her granddaughter allowed me to take their portrait in front of the bamboo cooking shack. It is my favorite photo of my entire stay in Gabon because her eyes seem to communicate the endurance a woman needs to survive village life. I imagine that I see the little girl's future - hope and innocence transformed into weariness and pride - in the old woman's eyes.

  6. Namibia My New Best Friend

    Once a year, the clinic I volunteered at provided inoculations for polio.  This brought people out from deep in the bush, that I normally would never meet.  When this little girl came into the clinic, I knew immediately, she had Downs' Syndrome.  None of the health professionals at my clinic recognized or knew what it was.  She and I bonded immediately.  She giggled and laughed as she sat on my lap waiting for her injection.  People from the community treated her differently because of the wa...

  7. Niger Nap Time

    While helping out with a Girl's Camp I came across this beautiful sight. I love it because it is so counter cultural. All of these girls, some had just met each other a few days ago, all squished together on this mat taking a rest in the afternoon. Can you imagine this happening in the USA?

  8. Mozambique Playing House

    My host sister loved to play house with the neighbor boy.  Even though they're practically the same size, she was the Mama and he was the baby.

  9. Kyrgyz Republic Not in My Own Words....

    I am a Nebraskan.  I wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was 8.  Then when I got to college I learned I had to finish college, that is what I did.  I worked my way through college with Peace Corps on my mind.  My Czech/Russian teacher one day started talking about me joining the military.  And I looked at her, with such a strange look, as if my eyes were quoting War and Peace: " screwing up his eyes."  She promised I wouldn't have to do basic training.  I didn't really belive it....

  10. Mali Haircut in Mali

      PCV Audra Helser gives her boyfriend, PCV Ben Arnold, a haircut on the porch of the transit house in Koutiala, Mali. Both Helser and Arnold are from Ohio, but did not know each other until meeting in Peace Corps. Ben was in the group ahead of Audra's group.      I met Audra and Ben, who have since COS'ed and are now married and living in Chicago, while I was traveling around the world photographing Peace Corps volunteers. My photographs are compiled in a book titled, "Making Peace wi...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.