1. Mozambique Legacy Story: Meet James!

    Meet James and learn how Moz PCVs have helped him improve his English and his business.

  2. Malawi Damali

    A neighbor girl age 3. She was terrified by every other mzungu except me. It took her quite a while to warm up to me though.

  3. Malawi Making galimotos

    The boys in my backyard molding mud into toy cars and trucks after a rain. My yard was a playground and I loved the laughter that was ever present.

  4. Ghana I Am a Mere Person

    Life is sometimes an evanescent state in Ghana. John and I came back to Kumasi in 1974, after we’d been in Ghana for about a year, to find that one of my workers was very sick. I had a crew of men who helped me do a survey of the geology around the city. The man’s name was Awuni Frafra, the surname taken from the northern tribe to which he belonged. He was only 22 years old, at least a head taller than the other workers (common for people from the north) and strong and vigorous. Since he was...

  5. Kenya This is what I shared with my co-workers on March 1st

    I served in Kenya from 1989 to 1991 as a small business advisor in a small village named Sochoi, five miles outside Lessos, Kenya.   I learned so many things from Peace Corps and Kenyans, especially the Nandi people (with whom I lived). These lessons have guided me every day since leaving Sochoi. From Peace Corps, I learned to "leave behind a process, not a product."  Succinctly said, it's more important -- and more difficult -- to empower people than power up a building, generato...

  6. Ukraine Flowers

    Babushkas line the pathways of the local markets in eastern Ukraine, selling flowers and other colorful goods. On a holiday, most of them will go through scores of roses, tulips and carnations.

  7. Malawi The Rains

    The rains were welcomed by all after months of hot, dry, and dusty days. The children loved hanging out in my house and making popcorn while it poured or standing on my porch to play games during the light rains.

  8. Philippines FILIPINAS on a JEEPNEY, Talamban, Cebu, Philippines

    Three of our Language Trainers on the way to a PC Training event of some kind in late 1985.  All were wonderful and extremely patient ladies!  Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!

  9. Mozambique Beach with Students

    With my students on the beach, next to the Indian Ocean

  10. Mozambique Mozambique

    Maxixe, Inhambane

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.