1. Moldova Cotton Candy

    Katea's first bite of cotton candy.

  2. South Africa Learning to Cook Pap

    Cooking pap with my host mom.

  3. Honduras The Bus Stop

    This is a little eatery where all of the buses that pass through town stop.

  4. Bulgaria Trifonov Den

    Two men celebrating St. Trifon's Day in Zhitnitza, Bulgaria.

  5. Senegal Lunch

    Anyone Hungry?

  6. South Africa End of Celebration

    I had the opportunity to be invited to many weddings in and around my village.  I was always amazed at the amount of food that was prepared.  A cow was always killed for the celebration, then a sheep, plus the different types of porridge, pap, sour pap, gravy and more.  Here are all the pots cleaned up and ready to be delivered back to the rightful owners. 

  7. Honduras The Art of Making Nacatamales

    My host-grandmother teaching me how to make nacatamales, a traditional Honduran food, in her kitchen hut. These delicious tamales are made with a corn-based dough, seasoned meat, garlic paste, potatoes and wrapped up in banana leaves, then cooked in a large pot over an open fire for several hours. DELICIOUS!

  8. East Timor Concerning Poop

    Let me first address the smelly elephant in the room, our good friend poop.  In America poop is a private thing.  We take it to another room and modulate its thickness and or frequency with a variety of pills and powders.  People who have trouble with their poop will take a day off work complaining of a cold or some other, less embarrassing, trouble.  And in return our stable American poop agrees to keep to a normal range of colors and consistencies. Not so in Timor.  Poop, its frequ...

  9. Paraguay Painting the the church

    To celebrate San Juan the community painted the church a bright yellow. This picture was taken at a morning terere break. 

  10. Costa Rica Guava

    This fruit is called 'guayaba' in Spanish and my youth group uses it for their business. They created a small business called GUAITFRUIT which produces and sells jelly in the community.  I took this pic during their production process.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.