1. South Africa Pots and Buckets for Sale at the Market

    Once a month, our village holds a Pensioners' market.  Here is a picture of cooking pots and plastic bathing buckets for sale at the market.  Everything from house-hold goods, fruits and vegetables, live chickens, and clothes are sold at the market.

  2. South Africa If you are what you eat, does that make me an arthropod?

      I ate fried Mopane (Mopani) worms for the first time... Well, they are not actually worms, they're caterpillars.  So, I guess you can say that I'm officially an insectivore now.  They tasted smoky and were very crunchy. Mopani worms are a local delicacy especially for the Shangaan people. Sometimes they are fried and other times they are boiled. People eat them here like potato chips or popcorn. Eventually, if these creatures are allowed to grow, they will become a beautiful Emperor mo...

  3. South Africa Peanuts, Sugar Beans, and Fried Mopane Worms for Sale

      Peanuts, sugar beans, and fried Mopane (Mopani) worms for sale at the monthly market in the village.  Mopane worms are not actually worms at all, they're caterpillars.  Mopane worms are a local delicacy and are sometimes fried and other times boiled. People eat them here like potato chips or popcorn.  

  4. South Africa Chicken Truck

    Chicken truck on market day... Once a month our village has a pensioners' market.  Everything from house-hold goods, fruits and vegetables, live chickens, clothes, and plastic buckets are sold at the market.

  5. Guatemala Subanik Face

    Subanik is a traditional dish of the region. It is a tomato-based stew made with chicken, beef, and sometimes pork. Here, Juan José sports this culinary tradition on his face.

  6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Finding Truth in Bakes and Cocoa

    “When yah learn from yah eldahs yah learn de truth.” My host mother, Ms. Toney, imparted these words of wisdom to me during my first weeks in St. Vincent. We had been having a discussion about love, life, and the universal pursuit of happiness. I listened as she shared her stories of raising a family in Chateaubelair, her feelings about how Vincentian culture has evolved, and warnings about getting caught up in the local “comess,” or rumor mill. “If a lady nah know who de fadda of she b...

  7. Azerbaijan Keeping Up

    Hired helpers were trying to keep up at an Azeri village wedding.

  8. Morocco Strawberry Boy

    A small boy buying strawberries at a small market in Marrakech.

  9. Morocco Kite Surfing

    Kite surfing tournament in Essaouria, Morocco

  10. South Africa Too Many Marula, Not Enough Pineapples

      It's marula fruit season in the village. These marula fruit are everywhere! Dropping off trees left and right. Villagers are collecting the local marula fruit from trees to be sold at market. We saw people lined up along the main road to sell their fruit to a commercial purchaser. In addition to marula, there are several other fruits that are in season at this time of the year including mangoes and guava. As a result, we've noticed an usually high number of kids in trees these days try...

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