1. St. Lucia Chestnuts in St. Lucia

    Working with volunteers in St. Lucia was an eye opening experience to the Peace Corps Caribbean world.  One night we spent crabbing and boiling chestnuts over open flames...

  2. Guatemala Mucha Mazorca

    Hired day workers harvest and sort corn ears from dried stocks in the Western Highlands of Guatemala

  3. Brazil Market Day Vegetables

    Each Saturday, vendors set up shabby wooden booths with canvas canopies to shelter themselves and their vegetables from sun or rain. Buyers chose the best of the onions, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, and yams. The seller weighed them on his balance scale using brass weights and placed purchases in baskets, rope bags, or pails the buyers took with them to the market. 

  4. Georgia Makin cha-cha

    cha-cha aka homemade vodka

  5. Guyana Cashews

    Fruit that smells like a rose, soft and white inside like a pear. Yummy

  6. Guyana Ital

    Ital- Rastafarian cuisine which is exclusively vegatarian. This is a basic cook up of extra vegetables all cooked together and placed in an open calabash shell which is something much like a gourd. 

  7. Guyana Please for some fruit

    Local markets hang their food in stalls to sell on the street

  8. Madagascar Fetching Water

    We saved our vacation days to spend a month in Madagascar during the second half of our Peace Corps service.  It was fun seeing how many things about Madagascar are different than South Africa and how many things are the same.  Here's one thing that's the same: kids trekking through the fields to gather water of questionable quality and haul it the distance back to their homes, with a good attitude about it all the while.  Here's one thing that's different: the fields the kids pass through in...

  9. South Africa After-School Snack!

    At school one day after classes I saw some girls throwing rocks at a tree and picking things up off the ground.  When I walked up, they were proud to show me the Mopani Worms (caterpillars) that they had caught for dinner that night!

  10. Moldova Making Cheese!

    Making homemade goat cheese with my host mother Galina.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.