1. Costa Rica Grinding the corn II

    Grinding corn for chorreada.

  2. Costa Rica Grinding the corn

    During a reunion of the seniors group, one of the members grinds corn to make chorreada.

  3. Costa Rica My Host Mom and The Woodfire Stove

    This is a picture of my 80 year old host mom in her beloved apron working over the woodfired oven.  The food always has this distinct taste that I'll be sure to miss when I leave.

  4. Togo Nothing like fresh pork

    Meat was a very rare delicacy in my village Affem Kabye but on very special occasions I would join my health counterpart in a pig slaughter and then enjoy a delectable meal eaten with his beautiful wife and his 8 bubbly, contagiously happy children. At one point during my service an entire pick up truck full of PCVs came to visit because they heard we were slaughtering a pig and preparing spicy peanut sauce. Oh c'est bon!

  5. Togo Naka pounding fufu in her village Affem Kabye, Togo

    I particularly love this photo because fufu was and still is my favorite Togolese delicacy and because Kabye take pride in their enormous African yams. Fufu preparation is quite labor intensive but the time and effort of boiling and pounding the African yams is well worth the wait and the physical labor. My favorite sauce is made with fresh pork, ground peanuts and 'sesame' and hot peppers. Add a little tchouk (homemade millet beer) and eat it under a mango tree

  6. Mongolia fish for dinner

    I bought these smoked fish from these kids but not before I got them to join me in a photo.

  7. Mongolia Milk Tea

    Milk Tea is the heart of mongolian food and drink. Every guest is offered a bowl of milk tea when you enter a home. 

  8. Paraguay Dinner

    Sra Teodosia had a contagious laugh that could be heard a distance away. I snapped this picture before cow's head went into the cauldron.

  9. Senegal You say tomato, I say...

    Ya (Mama) Oumy posing with part of the harvest from the women's group vegetable garden, made possible through a USAID Food Security grant in 2010.  That's a lot of tomato sauce and delicious vitamins!

  10. St. Lucia St. Lucian Cooking

    Working with volunteers in St. Lucia was an eye opening experience to the Peace Corps Caribbean world.  One night we spent crabbing and boiling chestnuts over open flames...

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