1. St. Lucia Coal Pots for Care

    In the course of my year long after school programme here in St. Lucia, I held a three day workshop on how to make coal pots.  It included 15 children ages 7-16 and involved both girls and boys.  All of the children took to it very fast.  They were given lessons on how to use the coal pots following. 

  2. Guatemala End of the Day's Work

    Coffee pickers--men, women and children--washing their sticky costales in the river after picking coffee cherries all day. 

  3. Ethiopia An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    The Girls' Club I worked with as a Volunteer helped me make this video to share with some American students that I was pen pals with.

  4. Belize Vegetables

    Vegetable stand in Placencia, Belize.

  5. Belize Cacao Drink

    A Ketchi Maya women making the traditional Cacao drink.

  6. Belize Dinner

    My host dad killing a pig to feed the men who helped him plant his corn.

  7. Honduras Farmer's Market in Honduras

    Don Bequer and Don Tobias selling tomates and sweet peppers in the newly organized farmer's market in Tomala, Honduras.

  8. Fiji meke ni yaqona

    This was part of a ceremony to officially honor the opening of the Ra provincial meeting house- a building that took many years to fundraise and build. cheif guest of the day was then Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase (who was ousted in Fiji's 4th coup later that same year). In any case, native Fijians love a good celebration and they take their local protocal very seriously, especially with such an important guest. These local men are dressed in traditional leaf skirts and slathered in coconut ...

  9. Senegal The Fish Man

    The fish charette rolled through town every morning.  This man called "Jen! Jen! Jen!" - Fish! Fish! Fish! - and all the women came running with grain to exchange.  It wasn't fresh, but it was fish...

  10. Senegal Xadie

    Xadie laughed when I took this picture - she wanted to fix her hair and pose - but I like this one of her the best.  It captures her fun-loving personality and natural beauty.  She's sifting millet flour to make cere, Senegal's traditional dinner.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.