1. Niger Gluttony

    Peace Corps Volunteers in town for some RandR compete in a mango eating contest. Our driver talked a good game but topped off at a meager 6 mangoes. The two ladies with backs to the camera tied for the win, each eating an astonishing 12 mangoes! 

  2. Armenia wedding BBQ

    The day of my host sisters wedding before the church vows, BBQ. YUM!

  3. Niger Snack time!

    A typical snack in Niger - tastes like potato chips!

  4. Fiji Just throw it in the dirt until it's cooked...

    Here, our Turaqa ni Koro is preparing a lovo, earth oven, for our welcoming lunch. A traditional lovo is a fire made in a pit lined with heat resistant stones. When the stones are hot from the fire the food wrapped in banana leaves or set in coconut bilos is placed in the pit and covered with soil and leaves until ready to eat!

  5. Fiji Got Milk?

    Actually Turani is teaching my husband, Matt, how to harvest coconut water - the clear liquid inside young green coconuts. (Coconut milk, lolo, is from the mature brown coconuts.) Fresh green coconuts are harvested from the tree and then husked and a hole is bored into the top. The louder your sucking noise, the more you enjoy the drink!

  6. Fiji Yaqona Ceremony

    Everything in Fiji starts, continues, and stops with a traditional yagona ceremony. Yaqona comes from the dried root of the pepper kava plant and is a tranquilizing but nonalcoholic drink served in a coconut bilo.

  7. Lesotho Joala

    Anthony is taking in the local culture: homemade sorghum beer called joala.

  8. China Anticipation

    Dinner with the family

  9. China A day's work

    Xijiang Village, Kaili

  10. The Gambia Pounding Millet

    Every day, all day, the women gather to pound the millet or the rice for the days meals.  It is hard work, but can be a lot of fun also.  They sing, tell stories, gossip.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.