1. Costa Rica Selling Bread

    A woman goes door to door selling bread in Grenada, Nicaragua during the early morning hours.

  2. Costa Rica Arroz de Maiz Fundraiser

    Men's Soccer Team cooking a typical Guanacaste dish (Arroz de Maiz) as part of a fundraiser to purchase a new uniform. Solo good!

  3. Guyana Para Kari Drinking Contest

    Para Kari is a fermented drink made from Cassava.  The process usually takes about half a day to make and the steps are long and have to be exact as some people use the 'bitter' Cassava which has doses of cyanide in the raw tuber. Contests are held every year with both men and women from several villages to see who can drink a pitcher the fastest.  This years winner was from our village who has the call name 'Tubes'.  

  4. Ecuador Jungle Calories

    Most of what we eat in the jungle grows right outside. Take this breakfast, for instance: a delectable tea of Guayusa (a tree. support Guayusa growers from Ecuador by shopping for RUNA tea at Whole Foods..), a smashed plantain and a tree bean that only produces edibles one month of each year.

  5. Ecuador Coffee

    is fruit.  Picked from the tree, the coffee fruit is a welcome change from the everyday lollipop.

  6. Ecuador Bag it!

    Coffee fruit, freshly picked and ready to be processed.

  7. The Gambia Gunane

    Working in the groundnut field.

  8. Malawi learning to build a fire in the bush

    This woman was my Peace Corps trainer. We are on a village visit. She is teaching me how to build a fire from scratch in the bush to cook.

  9. Malawi carlsberg brewery

    This was the beginning of advertisement for Carlsberg brewery in Malawi. The local beer was called Chimbuku. Locals drank it in the courtyard behind the bar if the Carlsberg truck had not made it to town yet.

  10. The Gambia At the pump

    My village was considered "wealty".  We had a several solar pumps.  They went on once a day for a few hours, and you would fill up as much as you could.  This one my compund shared with 2 others, so we got it every third day. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.