1. Kazakhstan Woman Selling Shashlyk

    A woman at the bazaar in Shymkent hawking shashlyk, a form of shish kabab fameous throughout the former Soviet Union.

  2. Kenya Tacos or Butt Cheeks?

    This story takes place while I was still staying with my home stay family in Naivasha, Kenya.  During the day we were in language and cultural classes.  The evenings we spent with our new families - talking, having dinner, the sisters helping me with swahili, me helping them with their math. One night when I arrived home, I realized we would be eating early as dinner was already started.  Mama Mary (as so named after her first born, named Mary) was home and called to me "Robin, oka,...

  3. Fiji Ice Cream Soup

    The children are swarming around Filo who is dishing out melted ice cream at a church picnic. The ice cream was brought from the nearest grocery store across the Somosomo straight on a hour long fiber boat ride. By the time it reached the island it was totally melted - but the kids didn't seem to mind!

  4. Fiji Fakaala All the Time

    The Kioans pride themselves on celebrations and what makes the best celebration - food. The more food, the wealthier you are, the more celebrated the individual (whether a birthday or funeral or wedding). We are probably the only Peace Corps Volunteers who actually gain weight during our service!

  5. Mozambique Cooking Lesson

    During our PST, we had a cooking lesson with our Mozambican host families to learn how to prepare several traditional dishes.  Here, a fellow PCV is displaying her adept skills for pounding matapa leaves.

  6. Guatemala Pupusas

    Enjoying some street food

  7. Guatemala After Thanksgiving

    Celebrating Thanksgiving with all from my training group

  8. Ecuador Cuy Cuy Cuy

    Yes, I ate a guinea pig.

  9. Sierra Leone Lunch Prepared in Dambarra, Sierra Leone

    "It takes a village" not only to educate, but to eat too!

  10. Costa Rica Coffee Fruit

    A man measures coffee fruit in Costa Rica before loading it onto a truck.  

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.