1. Costa Rica Cafecito Time

    Traditional cafecito (or afternoon coffee) in Costa Rica is served with coffee and some sort of bread or sweet treat.

  2. Costa Rica Manzana de Agua

    Manzana de Agua (water apples) are a fruit found in Costa Rica.

  3. Costa Rica Making Tamales

    Two women make tamales for the Christmas holiday in Costa Rica.

  4. Costa Rica Tamales

    Tamales are wrapped in plantain leaves for the holiday season in Costa Rica.

  5. Costa Rica Kitchen

    A typical Costa Rican kitchen

  6. Costa Rica Tamales

    Tamales are prepared during the Christmas season in Costa Rica.

  7. Peru Food or Pet?

    Guinea pig in Peru are raised as food, and lucky for me, I never had one as a pet. They are prepared normally by either frying them or preparing a stew with them. I prefer them fried, but only without the head. I don't like that part so much. They are normally served at special occasions, such as weddings, baptisms, school graduations, or various festivals in town.

  8. Peru Quesillo

    My neighbor invited me to watch her make cheese one afternoon. Everyday she collects milk from her neighbors, and in the afternoon, she puts all in a large vat and mixes it with the culture and salt. Then she fits it all into molds once it start curdling. This is called "Quesillo" and is eaten plain or on potatoes.

  9. Peru Tamales & Friendship

    One of the local mothers groups called a "Comedor Popular" invited me to make "tamales" one day, one of the typical food made from corn in the andean area of Peru. What I thought was only going to be an hour tutorial, ended up being a full day affair, and not just about "tamales," but also getting to know the women. In the end, I ate lots of good food and made a few more friends.

  10. Guyana Poison Bath

    Little boy walks through the valley of the mountains down to a stream to catch some fish (tilt your head to the right)

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